Kolkata: Kolkata, also regarded as the ‘city of Joy’, is an exceptional town which is rich in its cultural heritage and age old traditions. One of the most amazing and popular West Bengal is known for its popular contribution in various fields including, literarily works, music, dance and so on, no need to say that Kolkata is the capital city of the West Bengal state.

Kolkata turns out to be one of the first British colonies in India. The British influence is literally seen in the city Kolkata and on its architecture and monuments which are seen from the British era. The soul of the city lies Kolkata with its historic buildings and monuments.

#HappyBirthdayKolkata 5 Must Tourists Spots in Kolkata

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To truly experience Kolkata if you keen to have then you have to explore the ancient architecture and historic places of the city. That’s the best way to see the true image of the ‘City of Joy’ and on the 24th August, we globally celebrate the birthday of Kolkata.

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Today Kolkata completed its 326th years of the journey so here is wishing Happy Birthday Kolkata!

Major tourist attractions of the city of joy:

1). Victoria Memorial:

The Victoria Memorial was built in the memories of Queen Victoria post her demise in 1902. From 1921 it was open to the common public.

The wonderful building was designed by William Emerson; he was a well-known architect of that period. The expenses of the monument were built with the sum of total amounted Rs.10.5 million which was voluntarily donated by British and Indian people.

Inside the Memorial there you can witness various kinds of the painting of the Royal British families, royal and historic artifacts, lithographs, and documents which will increase the essence of your historical interests. This monument the Victoria Memorial is considered as the major and crucial landmark of the city Kolkata.

#HappyBirthdayKolkata 5 Must Tourists Spots in Kolkata

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2). Howrah Bridge:

Howrah Bridge of Kolkata is regarded as the Rabindra Setu also. In the whole world, the Howrah Bridge of Kolkata is considered as the busiest bridge certainly. The bridge caters to about 1, 00,000 vehicles and uncountable pedestrians.

The bridge is 450 meters long which is stands over Hooghly River without any pylon. The bridge is the best example of the 20th-century engineering techniques so obviously, it is one of the major tourist attractions in Kolkata.

#HappyBirthdayKolkata 5 Must Tourists Spots in Kolkata

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3). Dakshineshwar Kali Temple:

The temple Dakshineshwar Kali Temple is dedicated to Goddess Maa Kali as per its name suggests. Since 1847 the construction of the temple started and now the Dakshineshwar Kali Temple is one of the most beautiful and remarkable places of Kolkata.

The temple was founded by Rani Rasmani, the queen of Janbazar. The temple is situated and located on the banks of Hooghly River. The main deity of the temple is Bhavatarini who is a form of Devi Kali.

As per believed that the person who worships Devi Bhavatarini, will overcome all his sorrows and problems. The temple is spread over 25 acres of land including, the temple premises and the surrounding gardens.

#HappyBirthdayKolkata 5 Must Tourists Spots in Kolkata

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4). Indian Museum:

The Indian Museum at Kolkata is the oldest museum in the whole country and it was built around 1814 by Dr. Nathaniel Wallich, he was a botanist from Denmark. The Indian Museum is in one hand largest museum of the nation and on the other hand, it is the ninth oldest regular museum of the globe.

The museum demonstrates the assortments and collections of antiques, mummies, Mughal paintings, skeletons, fossils, ornaments and armor. It was shifted to the new building in 1875. Walter B Grawille designed the building in an Italian architectural style. At the year 1878, the museum was open to general public.

The museum has over 60 galleries and it is divided into six main sections as Zoology, Industry, Geology, Archeology, Anthropology, and Art.

5). St. Paul’s Cathedral of:

The St. Paul’s Cathedral is built on the basis of Indo-Gothic architectural style and it was designed by Major William Nairn Forbes. In 1839 the foundation of the building was done but post that it took eight long years to complete the construction.

The main building actually perished and destroyed twice as once immense earthquakes took place but again it built in fact perfectly.

#HappyBirthdayKolkata 5 Must Tourists Spots in Kolkata

Image Source: http://www.indiamarks.com

The last time it was destroyed in 1934 and then it rebuilt on the lines of the Bell Harry Tower of Canterbury Cathedral.

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