It was the happiest day in Kitty cat ‘s life. After a lot of struggle, he found a big red balloon to play with. He was running here and there with joy and kept flaunting that beautiful balloon to everyone who came near him. Suddenly, a cunning fox appeared there out of nowhere and his attention instantly stuck to that balloon.

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“Hey, Kitty. It’s good to see you playing with this beautiful balloon. Can I join in? So that both of us can play with the balloon”, said the fox. “No, I don’t. I found this balloon from the nearby garden. For the last few days, I frantically searched for a piece of balloon but nobody helped me. I have found it so I will play with it. I won’t give it to anyone”, Kitty cat said in a hoarse meow voice.

Kitty cat fox battle

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Fox was adamant. He decided if he won’t get the balloon then he won’t let Kitty play with it either. In a sobered voice the fox asked Kitty, “What would you do with this balloon?

“Now, I am playing with this balloon, and soon I will take it back home in the nearby garden and play with my little siblings”, said Kitty in a jovial voice. The clever fox then knew it that Kitty won’t give him the balloon so easily. So, the fox hatched a plot to deceive Kitty.

Cat Vs Fox: Who will Win the Mind Game

In a polite voice, fox said, “You can only play with this balloon, can you dance on it? Surprised Kitty said, “Yes, I can. But tell me what would you give me if I successfully dance on this balloon?

With an obnoxious smile on his face, the fox thought… If I can’t get that balloon I won’t let Kitty play with it either! The balloon suddenly became a prestige issue for both Kitty and the fox.

Fox and kitty kitten

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“I will consider you the greatest cat in the world – far superior than tiger – if you can really dance on this balloon. I will personally spread this news like a wild fire all across the globe. It will eventually bring a lot of fame to you and soon, you will earn the tag of the “King of all the animals”, the fox explained in a sly manner.

Kitty Cat Couldn’t Understand Fox’s Intention

For a moment, Kitty’s dream of earning the tag of “King of all the animals” won over his common sense. And he gave in to fox’s proposed idea. Kitty tried to dance on the balloon, and it got ruptured. Wondering what has happened; Kitty looked into the fox’s eyes.

Kitty cat fox

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The cunning fox started to laugh aloud at Kitty’s foolishness. “Bye, bye my little friend. Now, enjoy and play with this burst balloon. Oh, you can even take this to your home and decorate your house. Ha..ha..ha, since you didn’t give the balloon to me so I thought of conning you with this plan”, saying it the cat ran out of Kitty’s sight.

Dejected Kitty was flabbergasted and didn’t understand why the fox deceived him. All of sudden, Kitty broke down, and tears started rolling down his cheeks!

Moral of the Story: Don’t Act on What Others Say. Always Use Your Mind and Brain.

(By: Atish Home Chowdhury)

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