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Khudiram Bose: The Nation Is Remembering This Great Freedom Fighter Of India

Today, on the 11th August 2019, Sunday, the nation India is remembering and paying their tribute to the Indian Freedom Fighter, namely, Khudiram Bose, who fought against the British and created an immortal history.

He was one of the youngest freedom fighters and laid his life for the great country at a very young age.

Today is the death anniversary of the Indian freedom fighter and with the grief-stricken hearts, we all are showing our tribute to him.

Khudiram Bose (also spelled Khudiram Bosu or Khudiram Basu, was born on 3rd December 1889 and died on the 11th August 1908 at just 19!

He is regarded as a Bengali-Indian freedom fighter who fought valiantly against the oppressive British rule in India.

India Remembers Khudiram Bose On His Death Anniversary

Another Indian Freedom Fighter, Prafulla Chaki and Khudiram Bose tried to kill a British judge-Magistrate, Kingsford, by throwing bombs in the carriage. They thought that the English man was sitting there, but the English Magistrate, Kingsford, was sitting at a different carriage. Unfortunately, it led to the sad demise of 2 British women.

Prafulla Chaki committed suicide before the Police could catch him alive. And Khudiram Bose got arrested and trialed for the murder of those 2 British ladies. He was eventually sentenced to death.

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It was the reason of the massive grief and sadness, in the nation, in that period, which still makes us sad, in this contemporary period of India when we all as an Indian remember, the ultimately sacrificed, of the 2 Indian Freedom Fighters, Khudiram Bose, and Prafulla Chaki.


We pay humble tribute to the great soul of India. Jai Hind