On Thursday, Amongst the four father or priests in Kerala, who was accused of the sexual assault and rape of the 34-year-old woman has already surrendered in Kollam. Father Job Mathew was the second among the four accused and reportedly, he committed the crime.

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On Wednesday, The anticipatory bail petitions of the 4 rape-accused fathers have been rejected by the Kerala High Court.

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The police have already filed rape cases, against those accused fathers or priests of the church and one father amongst them have been accused of molestation as per the various reports. At the same time, as one has surrendered, three others are now run away.

priests have been accused of rape from The Malankkara Syrian Orthodox Church, based on the statement of a woman who alleged that she was sexually abused and raped by five priests.

In shocking a statement to the cop given by the victim woman, she had also said that even her confidential confessions were the reason for the blackmailing her by the father.

“She was sexually abused as a minor. Forced into an illicit relationship once the man became a priest and even got married. She was threatened even after her marriage and sexually abused. When she sought help from three other priests, who were counselors and her friends, they too abused her. One of them, even blackmailed her based on her confession, required to be done as a ritual before our child’s baptism”, the husband has quoted to the media house NDTV.

In a scornful observation, at the same time as rejecting the bail pleas, on the yesterday, the court said, “It appears that the applicants have acted as predators and have taken undue advantage of the position of the survivor. From the version of the survivor, it appears that accused have systematically abused her and are closely known to her family. The reasonable possibility of accused to obstruct justice cannot be brushed aside.”

Father MO John, The Orthodox Church Trustee, said to NDTV while quoting his opinion regarding this shameful incident that the church is not protecting or shielding the priests or father or even not the church is trying hiding facts anyway.

“The priests have been suspended and they have no responsibilities in the church now. They approached the High Court in their individual capacities. We are not hiding them at all. It is for the police to find them,” The father John quoted.

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