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Kent’s Zero Water Wastage RO Water Purifier – How It Works? | Technology

Kent RO purifier has come up with a zero water wastage technology that ensures no water wastage using its filter. It has revolutionized the concept of RO water purifiers, which were until now contributed to around 10 gallons of water wastage through its RO (Reverse Osmosis) purifiers.

Kent is the only company to launch such an innovative water purification system with zero water wastage technology. Its success lies in recycling the rejected water without compromising with the water quality.

You get cent percent pure potable water every time you use the Kent RO Purifier. These purifiers are easily available at an affordable price at your nearby shops. At present, Kent Supreme Plus 2020 RO and Kent Grand Plus 9L RO with a preloaded zero water wastage feature. However, even other Kent customers can integrate this technology into their machines by upgrading their kits.

Pros of Kent Zero Water Wastage RO Purifiers

  • Innovative water filtering process
  • Good for filtering water in coastal areas
  • Reuse the rejected water
  • 100% water purity

Cons of Kent Zero Water Wastage RO Purifiers

  • Filter replacement is costly
  • Maintenance costs
  • Only white

How Does Kent Zero Water Wastage Technology Work?

Kent purifier makes use of the latest innovation by adding the rejected water back into its overhead tank for further use with a rigorous filtering process. The discarded water from the RO machine can add up to several gallons.

Usually, RO purifiers make use of a lot of water during their filtering process. Kent makes use of that water by putting it back to its overhead tank. In the entire process, there is no water wastage. The machine puts back the rejected water for re-use after several layers of filtering and advanced technological process. The purifier extracts out the dissolved impure substance from the water through its double purification system. It makes the filtered water safe from pesticides, rust, arsenic and other harmful compounds.

A zero water wastage technology uses an automated-process through which 50-60% of the water gets purified on the RO machine. The residual water containing the impure dissolved substances is fully recycled with advanced technology and complex filtering process.

The Conclusion

Water shortage has been a common problem in several Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Karnataka among others. A zero water wastage technology is a boon for such states to come out of this pertinent problem.

Kent RO filter purifies water with a Zero water wastage technology with continuous recycling and complex process of filtering.