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Kasuti Zindagi Kay 2: Written Episode Update

The last night episode of the TV series Kasuti Zindagi Kay 2 begins with when Prerna listen that Anurag was saying to his friend that Prerna is not his type girl which hurts, Prerna and Prerna argued with Anurag regarding the same.

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But at the same time in the TV series Kasuti Zindagi Kay 2 Prerna has been seen regretting and keep thinking about the fact that she is in love with Anurag and she wondered whether Anurag also loves her or not.

She was thinking about her love in the serial Kasuti Zindagi Kay 2 which is much popular serial of these days, and she think that she is in love with him and she was doing blah blah to herself but Shivani listen this and she asked to Prerna that if Anurag is not coming to propose her then she can also propose her.

As Prerna is waiting that Anurag will be come and propose her but Shivani proposes to her that she should go to propose Anurag and Prerna agree with the same.

Kasuti Zindagi Kay 2: Written Episode Update

Shivani also asked Prerna to wear saree and give her a red saree which she wears. And she started to go to the Anurag’s home, and in the road somehow she bumps with Anurag and Anurag tries to speak with her but suddenly rain started and when Anurag asked her to give her umbrella, Prerna says she liked rain and both of them get wet in the rain.

Now the duo reached to the party of the Basu house, where Prerna imagined that she proposed to Anurag and Anurag accepted her proposal and she has been seen smiling because Anurag accepted her love.

But when Prerna gets conscious and thinks to propose Anurag in reality, she is shocked to see a random girl come and embraced Anurag in front of Prerna and also she asked to him that, “I Love You”.

Anurag also introduced the girl as Misha and Anurag said that she is his friend. Prerna feel sad, that Anurag is having already a girl Misha.