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What Special Dinner You Can Serve To Your Husband On This Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth

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The Karwa Chauth is a festival of Love in which the wife keep a day long Nirjala fast for their husband and her longevity then after seeing the moon and her husband’s face she break her fast.

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This Nirjala fast and gesture of a wife on the festival #KarwaChauth display the massive selfless love a wife can have for her husband, no wonder, why we calling her the festival  Karwa Chauth as the festival of love.

I think all married women who are observing fast for their husband are busy thinking what special dinner they can serve to their husband on this special day and if you guys are thinking the same then let me help you by suggesting a unique and interesting recipe to you.

Karwa Chauth

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What Special Dinner You Can Serve To Your Husband On This Karwa Chauth

I think on the day of  the carnival and celebration  Karwa Chauth, everybody prepares different types of recipes, and which is the popular Indian recipe of the festival Karwa Chauth is puri sabji but I will be suggest you not to make puri sabji as this one can be your regular  Karwa Chauth dinner and in that case I will be suggest you to make aalloo ke parathein on this  Karwa Chauth on the dinner.

Yes, if you want to serve aalloo ke parathein on the dinner then you must prepare it in the morning on the day of the festival Karwa Chauth and alongside the aalloo ke parathein this will be ideal for you to make Gobi ki sabji that will be the best combination of dinner on Karwa Chauth with aalloo ke parathein.

Actually, with aalloo ke parathein which is the ideal combination is that is anda curry but on the day of festival, Karwa Chauth, we generally avoids eating non veg instead we like to eat all vegetarian recipes and dishes.

In that case I think it will be ideal to prepare gobi ki sabji with aaloo ke parathein. Gobi ka jo sabji hoga who bhi jeera se banega as on the day of the Karwa Chauth we do not include onion and garlic on our meal either.

So just prepare the gobi ka sabji with jeera, garam masala, dhania patta and tamatar which can give your gobi ki sabji a heavenly taste and this will be also make your Karwa Chauth celebration awesome.

So here I write what will be the special dinner which all beautiful ladies can prepare for their husband which is I think aalloo ke parathein and gobi ki sabji and I think you guys like this article please share your opinion on this.

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