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Karva Chauth 2019: Vidhi Tithi Time Puja Festival Celebration

The festival Karwa Chauth is very special kind of festival which is celebrate and observe by all married woman with a an age old believes that those women who perform Karwa Chauth  their husband will be blessed with long life and propriety.

On the day of Karwa Chauth all those married women who observe the puja will be keep fast, nirjala fast and they will be worship Mata Parvati.

On the day of Karwa Chauth all women after performing Mata Parvati’s puja they break their fast and after seeing the brighting moon in the night, they see their husbands face with the help of a chalni.

Karwa Chauth

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Karva Chauth 2018: Vidhi Tithi Time Puja Festival Celebration

The festival #KarvaChauth is celebrate 9 days before Deepawali in the month of October as per the Hindu calendar and on this year the festival Karva Chauth will be observe and celebrate on the 27th October.

On the day of Karva Chauth each married women observe nirjala fast and they were new dress, saaree, ornaments, decorate themselves with mehendi, bindi, choori, kangana, payal and so on.

The festival is famous in North India, like, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh where the Karwa Chauth is celebrate with full glory.

Much before that in the morning all married women consume and eat sargi at the morning 4:00 AM, before sunrise and the food sargi is involves, sweets, savorates, fruits, juice, sarbat.

And after consuming sargi, the all women keep a nirjala vrat who observe the Karva Chauth fast.

Time to perform Karva Chauth puja: All married women in India after 6:00 PM of 27th October, Saturday, at the evening time can perform the Karva Chauth puja and break their fast on seeing their husband’s face.

The shubh muhurat of the Karva Chauth will be continues till 28th October, Sunday evening. After performing puja of the Karva Chauth all women can have their meal and dinner in the night with their husband which includes, all vegetarian recipes, like, puri, sabji, daal, kheer, mithaii, paratha, fried rice, fruits, fruit salad and so on.

Happy Karwa Chauth 2018 beautiful ladies!