Mathuvel Karunanidhi, widely known as the Karunanidhi, who is the head of Dravida Munnetra Kazagham and turn to be chief minister of the state Tamil Nadu, for the 5 consecutive times.

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Karunanidhi is turned to very famous and massive popular name in the nation. Being associated with a lot of controversies reportedly brings some controversies in the lives of Karunanidhi, though; still, love of his fans for himself is just incredible.

In this article, we will be going to share some interesting facts about the man, who is affectionately recognized in Tamil Nandu as Kalaignar.

1) In his early days, for Tamil cinema and theatre, Karunanidhi was a screenwriter and playwright. He in facts, worked for the Tamil Cinema, still in the contemporary time. Last time when Karunanidhi penned a script for the Tamil cinema is in 2011, Ponnar Shankar. His work helped him grow as a leader of the Dravidian movement. Through his films, he tried to show and portray the socialist and rationalist nature of the Dravidian movement anyway in the Tamil Nadu.

2) But unlike of his contemporaries, of the Tamil Nadu political stalwarts, Karunanidhi actually did not shift from cinema to politics. He pursued both of them together and he was very much active in both of them.

Pre-dates, His involvement in state politics, already began alongside, he started his career in Tamil cinema. at the age of 14, He begins his political career, by participating in anti-Hindi agitations. A few years later, he would form Tamil Nadu Tamil Manavar Mandram that was touted as the first Dravidian student organization.

Few years further down the line, he would win his first election, and then he joined the legislative Assembly in 1957.

Single election since then and Karunanidhi holds the record for the same indeed.

3) Karunanidhi is a self-proclaimed atheist which is somehow pretty outspoken regarding his atheism. About the Ram Setu he once said, “Some say there was a person over 1.7 million years ago. His name was Rama. Do not touch the bridge (Ramar Sethu) constructed by him. Who is this Rama? From which engineering college did he graduate? Is there any proof of this?”.

4) He is also regarded as the LTTE sympathizer. In an interview to NDTV, he also regarded Prabhakaran “a very good friend”. The Jain Commission formed also in order to investigate into Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination that also, as per reports, indicted and summons him of having abetted the Tamil Tigers.

5) At the age of 14, he also founded Murosoli which grew into DMK’s official newspaper. His family also owns Sun TV group, one of Tamil Nadu’s biggest media organization anyway.

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