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Kapil Sharma Is Coming Back To Sony , Here Is The Come Back Teaser

“Laut kar aaraha hai Kapil Sharma, Sony Entertainment Television par, kuch alag lekar. Iss baar hasi ke alaava kuch aur bhi hai jo jayega dekar. Kya, kab aur kaise? Jaan ne ke liye dekhte rahiye, Sony Entertainment Television.

With the latest promo of Sony Entertainment popular TV reality show features Kapil Sharma comes out, it is only creating excitement in the hearts of audience anyway.

Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma is all set to see in the famous channel Sony Entertainment with a new show and buzz is that several known members of his team will be part of this new season of the Kapil Sharma Show except Sunil Grover.

The show as being guessed is a game show that is all set to telecast very soon.

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  1. Please come back on Sony with the Kapil sharma show I can’t explain u how many like u i am a big fan of your please come back soon love you sir … Ur fan Deepak

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