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Kanchana 3: Review & Rating “Amazing Horror Movie, Raghava Lawrecne Steal The Show”

As we all know, the Tamil language horror movie, Kanchana 3, hit theaters on the 19th April 2019. The movie is regarded as one of the most chief releases of the year. One of the most awaited and anticipated movies, Kanchana 3, is surrounded around a haunted location and story, which is enough to give spine chill thrilling to the audiences.

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The new film, Kanchana 3, which is touted as a horror comedy of the year, actually, creates its own genre and fan following, which is no doubt, next sequel of the amongst the favorite horror movie series, Muni Series or the Kanchana Series.

Raghava Lawrence, the multi talented luminary from the South Indian cinema, helmed the film, alongside; he also penned the script of the film, Kanchana 3, indeed. And I must say, direction wise, he did a perfect job of his, which already catches our attention.

The film is just stunning, which is I think audiences will also obviously, like and will be connecting with the same, because of its strong and attractive story line.

Kanchana 3: Can’t Wait To See This Next Spooky Film

Buzz and hype of the movie is already massive, and certainly, the spooky drama, received, more than, 12 million views and hits, no wonder, why such an amazing trailer went viral on the social site and on the internet’s, and exactly, Raghava Lawrence steal the show here, and I will also interesting to see how he will defeat ghosts this time also like the way, he did in the early series.

Besides, Raghava Lawrence as a leading man, the movie features such an ensemble star cast, which includes, Vedhika, Oviya, Kovai Sarala, Sreeman, Manobala and Devadarshini, and Nikita.

Production of the movie is done by, Kalanidhi Maran and Raghava Lawrence, under the banner of the Sun Pictures and Raghavendra Productions.

And Distribution of the movie #Kanchana3 is done by the Sun Pictures, and it will hit theatres on this Friday.