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Kajri Teej: Festival, Puja, Significance, Images, Pics, Tweets, FB Status, Celebration, Date, Time

Well, the festival, Teej, which is one of the Hindu festivals, and the Teej, is the generic names for several Hindu festivals which are predominately celebrated by the women in India and some parts of Nepal.

Hariyali Teej: Puja, Festival, Account, Narration, Wishes, Images, Quotes, Carnival, Vidhi, Tithi, Time, Date, Ritual, Tweets, FB Status

This year, we will celebrate the festival, namely, Kajri Teej, on the, 29th August 2019, in the whole nation, and it is, indeed, the Hindu festival, Kajri Teej, is one of the most famous and well-liked festival, of the India, which is in this whole, India, being celebrate, with massive enthusiasm and zeal.

The festival, which is one of the chiefs and one of the prime Hindu festival, is mainly observed and celebrate by the young girls and married women, in order to seek, blessings and boon from the Lord, so that the Lord can wish his devotees, with the good life, prosperity, success, wealth, health and so on.

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Kajri Teej: Festival, Puja, Significances, Images, Pics, Tweets, FB Status, Celebration, Date, Time

Well, the Hindu festival, Kajri Teej is also known as Kajri Teej, Kajli Teej or Bigi Teej. It is believed on this day, by worshiping the Hindu deity couple, God Shiva and Maata Parvati, people or devotees can make their all dreams come true.

This festival, called, Kajri Teej, has some extraordinary and some special significance, in our Hindu religion, which is granted people to have a beautiful and peaceful life, indeed.

On this day, of the festival, Kajri Teej, it is all married or the suhagin women keep fast, which is as per belief, give long life to their husbands, and on the day, of the festival, Kajri Teej, it is, also the unmarried girls can keep fast, so that they will have a good husband, in their coming up lives.


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