Those frantically searching jobs never knew it could be so easy for them to crack one online till the arrival of Just Jobs in 2016.

For them, it really was a dream came true. Moreover, the process of getting the job, unlike many other portals, was also extremely simple.

Call it a major success, Just Jobs launched in August 2016 became a buzzword in the job market in a short span of just two years.

The efficacy of this Job Portal can be gauged from the fact that over 20K+ employer, small to large scale and startups,  are now registered with Just Jobs.

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As Just Jobs enables job seekers, mainly from under-served sectors, to access over 5k+ active employment opportunities, it has gained massive popularity among the youth.

The primary importance and utility of Just Jobs emanates from the fact that a large number of employment seekers do not know the opportunities that exists for them in the under-served sectors.

Cutting Edge Technology on Your Search Jobs Experience

They hardly know how to go about searching jobs that match their education and expertise. Just Jobs acts as a Guru for them. The primary aim of this company and website is to give a gainful employment to people representing BOP (Bottom of the Economic Pyramid) of the country.

The brainchild of two visionaries – Kishore Beniwal and SR Madhukar – the New Delhi-based Just Jobs has turned into a very popular platform both for employers and job seekers.

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For the informal workforce, Just Jobs has virtually become a one-stop solution point for getting employment. These go to prove the job portal’s mass acceptability and reliability.

Few Words on Kishore Beniwal

All those who did wonders in their lives thought well ahead of time. Kishore is one such a person. He blended innovativeness with business sense to create the job-plank of a new kind.

Kishore, the CEO of Just Jobs, understands well the need of under-served sectors of Indian economy. Hence, he took up the challenge of empowering the informal workforce.

Kishore realized with the growth curve of under-served sectors following an upward trend, it would require hundreds of jobs. However, there is a remarkable absence of Jobs portal for them. Hence, Just Jobs came up to fill the gap.

Few Words on SR Madhukar

The CFO and Co-Founder of Just Jobs, Madhukar always wanted to create a simple, workable and efficient job-portal that can be handled by common folk with the click of the mouse.

Moreover, this website is the job seeker’s one-stop solution to get high paying Blue Collar Jobs using a single click.

In fact, Madhukar that Just Job should be such a thing that is should be easy to handle by the job seekers and at the end create a smile in their face. They must be satisfied with the jobs that match their level of expertise.

Clientele of Just Jobs

Just Jobs is growing. The curve of growth of the company is following an upward curve as both the employers and employment seekers are satisfied with the services provided by the company.

No wonder, some of the top-notch companies availed the services of Just Jobs for their manpower requirement and smoother Hiring Process.

To name a few, the clientele list of Just Jobs includes such prized names as BigBasket, Flipkart, UrbanClap, Ola, Portea, Uber, Jugnoo, Omaxe, 1 MG, CrossRoads and Zoomcar. 

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Besides, it helped a large number of startup companies solve their manpower problem. Just Job also provided employees to shops, restaurants, boutiques, parlors and various other small and medium sized business establishments.

Innovation Meets the Best – Just Jobs

The company always tried to shorten the digital divide and educate clientele on issues pertaining to human resources.

Just Job provides the most viable solution for employment for the entry-level jobs sector thereby acting as path-finder for the semi-skilled and skilled workers.

It is here where the employers post details of their manpower requirement. Subsequently, the job seekers can pick or choose the jobs that suit their qualification and expertise. There are over 24 categories of jobs that are listed in Just Jobs.

Easiest Way to Find the Job

Just Jobs had done away with the complex process of searching jobs. Even delivery boys, babysitters, housemaids, drivers, cooks, plumbers, security guards and waiters can easily handle this job portal.

It is becoming extremely popular among the personal assistants, tele-callers, accountants and IT professionals.

Just Jobs

image source: Just Jobs

After the boom in the startup sector, the requirements of entry-level jobs have jumped considerably.

We know the number of service providers for general utilities like groceries, food have also increased manifold. This opened up the floodgate of jobs.

Just Jobs is helping people in these sectors. Really, Just Jobs is not just a job. But an experience altogether!

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