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Josh West: A Hiker With a Mission

Josh West: A Hiker With a Mission

Josh West is an Australian traveler who has loves to explore different parts of Australia on his solo trips. Recently he is going to start his dream project named,” hiking the heysen”.

How it all started?

In his early days, Josh was doing pretty much same stuff what most people do at his age. Going to at 9-5 Job, working on to maintain a normal ( You know what I mean ) life. But what he kept saying to himself was,”this is not why I am here in the world. This is not real me.” So he started saving as much as he could. And he did it for crazy 6 years! Josh, I bet you I couldn’t show that amount of patience. Kudos to you on that.


From full-time job to a house sitter

In 2017 when Josh realized that he had done enough of the job thing, He switched his corporate life to a house sitter for over a year. In this period of learning and self-exploration, he visited Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane. The journey ended in Hobart and finally in Sydney.  


In these one year, what he learned was how to save money like a pro while you are on a trip and develop a bargaining stinct. Apart from house sitting, he also traveled rural areas, mountain ranges, hiked in national parks and observed the tourism industry from a bit closer.


These experiences helped him learn so many useful stuff. In his own words,” I learned so many skills over the year and I know these are going to help me with giving my life and career a right direction. I am now working on my time management skills. This will help me maintain my blog while I don’t compromise with my traveling schedule. I am writing for my Blog Trekking West.


Hiking The Heysen

Heysen Trail is a whopping 1200 kms trekking route in south Australia. This trail is capable of providing you the diversity of flora and fauna in major parts of Australia. This end to end trek will let you travel through transverse coastal areas, national parks, vineyards, rugged gorges and regional bushlands. Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley are the halts you wouldn’t want to miss.

Why He Chose this trek?

Completing the bucket list

Josh grew up in the small town of  Tanunda, situated in Barossa valley, heysen trail was always a part of Josh’s inner self. So, This trail was always on the top of the bucket list in josh’s diary.


Passion for the documentary

Ever since Josh west had been working full time, the bloggers making cool and informative documentaries fascinated him. There could be no better chance for him than taking this 1200 km long trail and document all the details of his Journey of solo hiking.


Josh is ready to go with all necessary gear like DSLR camera, GoPro, drone, and an iPhone equipped with an extra lens. These items are going to make most of the space in his rucksack. Do you think these gears are sufficient for him on a 2 months long trail? What would be on your checklist before going on a long Trek? Tell us in the comment section.


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Travel for a cause

We all know that solo travel through a 2-month long trek can be a challenging task to keep your nerves right. Just think about the people and the struggle they are going through if their mental health is not in proper condition. Hence to support the cause and provide a helping hand, Josh West has partnered up with Black Dog Institute. The institute is known for its project that is working to provide this world a mentally healthier environment. The Black Dog Institute has a reputation for running successful campaigns for better health facilities and education development throughout South Australia.

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Want to provide a helping hand in support of the cause, Donate Now. As every contribution counts.



We have seen Tracks( Movie ) where the girl goes on a hike to cross the whole of Australia with his dog and few camels.  Now we are going to experience this through a real person. If you liked the post and want to support Josh on his trek, visit his official website here and sponsor him. We wish Josh all the best on his hike.


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  1. Really inspiring personality. I wish Josh all the best for his hike. I can’t even think to go on a 12oo km long hike, that too solo. lol! it needs guts to even think of it and you are actually doing it josh. kudos to you

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