Joseph Stalin (1878-1953) is known for ruling the Soviet Union for around 3 decades. He actually transformed his nation from the mostly agricultural economy into an industrialized society, led the nation at the period of the World War II which also helped to defeated Nazi Germany, and turned the Soviet Union into a superpower and it was the only  United States which was the competitor of the Soviet Union literally.

Joseph Stalin

But Joseph Stalin, the Soviet leader, is also known for some of his grey shades characteristics, like, countless arrests, purges, deportations, and executions, which actually reportedly, earned him the tag and the reputation of one of the cruelest leaders in modern history.

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In this article, we will be read some of the 5 Interesting Facts About Joseph Stalin.

5 Interesting & Unknown Facts About Joseph Stalin, The Soviet Union Leader

During His Childhood Days, He Was Called “Pocky”

At the period of his early childhood days, the future Soviet leader was once survived with smallpox but somehow the disease left some scars on his face. And the naughty children used to make fun of his these scars and recognized him as “Pocky”. And he did not like him when his fellow kids used to call him with this name.

He Could Have Become a Priest

I bet you won’t believe this that Joseph Stalin was all set to become a priest. Yes, “The Great Architect of Communism” as a priest but he needed to use his art properly if he was keen on becoming one. Stalin was a very bright and an intelligent student and was also received the scholarship to study at the Tbilisi Theological Seminary in Tbilisi, Georgia. But still, he did not complete his graduation though.

He was expelled for reading banned books as per the sources of Stalin’s claimed the same, for his efforts and attempts to convert his colleagues to Marxism.

Lenin on the other hand, Wanted to Have Him Removed as the General Secretary of the Communist Party.

in 1922, It was one and only, Lenin, who helped Stalin to rise to the position of the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. But shortly post Joesph Stalin was appointed as the General Secretary, Lenin became very concerned about his growing power.

And eventually, he reportedly, recommended Stalin’s removal as the General Secretary in his “Testament” to senior Party members and also asked them to appoint someone “who differs from Stalin” and is “more tolerant, more loyal, more polite, more considerate of his comrades”.

But at the time when the Lenin’s Testament was presented to the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Stalin was too strong to have any impact or effect of the same.

As per reports, he was purportedly Refused a Deal with the Germans in order to Rescue and SAVE His Son Yakov

Stalin’s eldest son Yakov was captured by the Germans near Smolensk, In 1941. They took him to a concentration camp but eventually they allegedly offered his release in return for the captured Field-Marshal Friedrich Paulus. Stalin, although, is said to rejected and declined the German offer, and said that he won’t “exchange a soldier for a field marshal”.

It is yet to know or you can say not clear, whether the story is true but, Yakov died in a Sachsenhausen concentration camp in northeast Germany, in 1943.

He was a big Movie Buff

AS per study, Joesph Stalin was actually an avid movie buff and loved to watch movies in his Kremlin private cinema. Fascinatingly, he enjoyed watching foreign films, which includes, Westerns, however, he detested one of the greatest Western movie actors of that time, John Wayne for his anti-Communist stance and allegedly Stalin even ordered the assassination of the actor.

Stalin used to admire Charlie Chaplin films and Tarzan, whilst his unconditional favorite was Grigory Aleksandrov’s Volga Volga (1938) and the film he reportedly watched over and over repeatedly in his lifetime.

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