“When Things Do Not Go to Plan—This Is An Opportunity For You To Realise That Everything Is Perfect On A Spiritual Level.” — Jen McCarty

“When Things Do Not Go to Plan—This Is An Opportunity For You To Realise That Everything Is Perfect On A Spiritual Level.” — Jen McCarty

Recently, we come across Jen McCarty. She felt the innate power of life-changing kundalini awakening while chanting “Om Namah Shivay.” We invited her for this exclusive interview and she agreed for the same.

Let’s take a look at this insightful interview and understand her perspective on life, stress and various other issues. So what are you waiting for?

Here are the interview excerpts!

Hi Jen! Welcome to TheCheckerNews.Com. Please briefly explain about yourself.

Ans: My name is Jen McCarty I experienced an extremely powerful life-changing kundalini awakening whilst chanting the mantra Om Namah Shivaya when I was 21 and travelling in the Himalayas in northern India. This opened up my 3rd eye and brought me to full God-consciousness. I help people awaken to the sacredness of life and I help remind people that we are

All one and that we are all brothers and sisters and that God’s love reigns supreme over all fear.

What Is Your View and Philosophy of Life?

Ans: My view and philosophy of life is that we are here to grow spiritually through healing our shadow aspects -the parts of ourselves that we have inherited from our families. This refers to thought forms and beliefs that keep us trapped in our wounded self (i.e. fear of abandonment and rejection for e.g.).

We are here to heal ourselves and to heal each other and ultimately we are here to help each other and to serve each other. We are here to AWAKEN out of the third dimension to the realization that we are multidimensional beings and that god’s love is masterful in the universe

How does our perception on spirituality matter in real life?

Ans: If you are a spiritual person this means that you are a very authentic person and you are really facing your wounded self and bringing light to your shadow aspect. When we can heal our wounded self it is very easy for us to sit with another person’s wounds and allow them the space to heal their Wounds.

If you are a spiritual person most likely you are an extremely compassionate and wise person who is very much appreciated and valued by everyone in your life including your family and friends.

Please briefly explain the concept of Cosmic Gypsy and Twin Flame to our young readers in plain terms.

Ans: The concept of cosmic gypsy refers to the fact that I am awakened to my Multidimensionality and I have awoken from the conditioning that says that I am a just simply a third-dimensional linear human being. I remember that my spirit is eternal and my spiritual aspect is functioning at all times on the higher dimensional realms of consciousness. Cosmic gypsy refers to the fact that I enjoy travelling in the multidimensional realms of consciousness.

A twin flame is the soul that was created with you at the moment of the big bang. At the beginning of creation, all that existed was a white ovoid light, and at some point, it was decreed that this white ovoid light would know itself and understand itself. This activated what is termed the first and initial separation/split. When we as spirits souls fractured off from the white ovoid light, we split as an androgynous unit of masculine and feminine energy and we stayed in our androgynous unit for quite some time.

Then at some point, it was decreed that we would be allowed to split from our androgynous state and become individualised masculine and feminine polarised beings. Your original androgynous counterpart is your twin flame. Your twin flame essentially is yourself and was created with you the moment that your soul was created by mother father God. Ultimately we are all looking to reunite with our twin flame and we attract soulmate and karmic relationships to prepare us for this ultimate relationship.

When you find your twin flame you know deeply & intuitively that this is your highest and most important spiritual partner in the universe and there is no one on God’s great earth that you would want to spend one minute with other than this person. Your twin flame is your best friend in the universe and whenever you are with your twin flame you always feel like you are home and are in heaven.

Do you have any website where people can contact you?

Ans: Yes. Please contact me here: Jenmccarty Official Website

What should one do when things don’t go as per his or her plan?

Ans: When things do not go to plan this is an opportunity for you to realise that everything is perfect on a spiritual level. Your egoic consciousness can only see what is directly in front of you whereas your heart consciousness and your soul is like a GPS system and knows the quickest and fastest way to get you to your destiny.

If something doesn’t work out for you most likely it is because you are not listening to your heart and you are taking direction from your heart. Are you trying to use your mind to direct your life? if so the best thing is to listen to your heart and take actions based upon what your heart says there is a reason that the word heart contains the word “hear” and the word “ear” in it, & this is to emphasize the fact that we must listen very deeply to our heart.

What is your aim of life? How can we reduce the sufferings from this world?

Ans: The aim of life is to awaken spiritually to the realisation that everything is sacred, and that God exists in every blade of grass and every grain of sand. That God’s love provides everything at all times. The purpose of life is to celebrate the sacredness of existence, the purpose of life is to understand that mother father God loves everyone very deeply, and it is our job as human beings to love everyone in our lives in the way that mother father God loves us.

We reduce the suffering in the world by awakening spiritually and coming home to ourselves and home to the zero point field of consciousness which is also known as the present moment. Everybody believes that they are searching for a Guru or twin flame when really all they are searching for is the present moment- to be as a child again, empty and free of all worries and cares- just able to be completely present in the moment.

It is very important whoever reads this commits to a spiritual practice when you commit to a spiritual practice. This is the fastest way to end suffering in the world because the mind is much untamed and we must find a spiritual practice to harness the egoic consciousness. The purpose of life is to become the observer of our monkey mind and understand that it is only when we identify with the monkey mind that we experience suffering when we can observe our monkey mind objectively this means that we are free and this means that we are enlightened. Enlightenment is the end of suffering.

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Amazon book link: http://mybook.to/Twinflamesbook
Finally, suggest any four-five tips on how to stay positive and to the best of our mind, body and soul.

Ans: My top tips for staying positive and in alignment are: commit to a Spiritual practice of resting as awareness for short moments, read my book “Twin flames and the event” it will explain to you in great detail the spiritual Practice that I am referring to. This truly is the fast track to spiritual enlightenment.

Another extremely powerful tool that enables you to maintain a very high vibration is to become addicted to gratitude -every day whenever you remember go on rampages of gratitude -thanking God for your eyes, thanking God for your healthy body, thanking God for the blue sky, thanking God for absolutely everything in your life.

This is an extremely powerful way to shift your vibration permanently. Another powerful exercise to do is” random acts of kindness” for e.g. pay it forward, pay for someone’s coffee as a surprise for them in the café, go out of your way to create a package for a homeless person filled with cleansers, sanitary towels, soap, shampoo, et cetera. Allow that person to go in front of you in the car.

Another top tip to stay positive is to remember that happiness is a choice life Will never present in such a way that everything is perfect and all of your ducks are lined up perfectly. At some point on our spiritual evolutionary path, we realise that happiness is a choice and we are all empowered to choose that in each moment, regardless of what is occurring in our lives.

It is the same with faith. Faith is a choice and when we have faith we bring Our vibration up to a very high godly level. My final tip for maintaining a high vibration is to spend as much time in nature as possible, allowing yourself to touch the Earth with your bare feet.

This is called grounding, and this is very important for everyone on the spiritual path as we all need to place our bare feet on the Earth as much as possible and spend as much time in nature as possible.

Thanks, Jen! It was really an interesting and insightful interview. We hope our readers have also enjoyed reading this thought-provoking interview.

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