Jayasurya: While Others Watched On, but the Malayalam actor saves an accident victim’s life and turn to be headlines of the today.

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The famous Malayalam film star Jayasurya saved a Bengali man, Dhappa, post-Dhappa was badly hit by a speeding vehicle. Dhappa lay bleeding on the road and the bleeding man was surrounded by crowds.

It was the time when the actor Jayasurya was on his way and when he witness this unfortunate scenario that a man is bleeding on the road. He just stopped his car, during this time he was en route to Angamaly.


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He was in the spot because of the shooting but found something fishy when he saw a large crowd gathered on the road, the English Mathrubhumi reported.

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The vehicle sped off, with no as much as stopping in order to help the victim.

“I found a crowd near Oberon Mall. I asked my driver to stop the vehicle as I suspected chances of an accident. When the man was bleeding, people quarreled with each other without any concern for him. When I approached him, he was struggling with pain. A boy among the crowd helped me to take him to the hospital,” stated by the movie star Jayasuriya to the English Mathrubhumi.

The victim was Dhappa, a laborer working in Kochi, from Bengal.

Luckily, Dhappa has gone with some minor injuries so he can resume his works very soon but he needs some rest by which obviously Dhappa will be going through.

This is quoted by Dhappa’s friend Parasuraman told to the media house Mathrubhumi.

Jayasuriya also said to the publication that he didn’t think he did anything great, as well he further throws light it is a common or civic sense of each citizen to help people.

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He said some phenomena are uncontrolled, but it can happen anytime with anyone so being a true citizen of the nation we should stand with people whenever it is being required.

“Our vehicle may hit a person, but we should not leave him on the road to die. If we find an accident victim, we should take him to hospital. Never waste your energy by arguing with others in such a crucial situation,” he stated.

The actor’s latest film is all set to hit theatres on this November. It is named Punyalan Private Limited, a sequel to the gigantic hit satirical comedy Punyalan Agarbattis.

The story of the film revolves around Jayasurya’s characters incense business that makes the perfumed sticks from elephant dung!

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