Jasleen Kaur Josan has been selected by NASA and she will be part of the human crew, she is all set to reach the space and Mars in a mission to space and to Mars in 2030.

The Space Administration (NASA) and The US National Aeronautics has chosen the Indian born Jasleen Kaur Josan to on the space mission to the planet Mars.

It is being regarded as the first mission, called The Orion Mission when NASA is all set to send humans to Mars.

Jasleen Kaur Josan belongs from Kurukshetra, Haryana, India, has been selected amongst others to make this very first big historic space trip.

In order to build up for the 2030 mission is actually done with the phases with other missions taking place and it is also ready to go for the Orion Mission.

Jasleen Kaur Josan Has Been Selected By NASA & She Will Be Reached To Space and Mars

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The next phase is the Proving Ground phase, in 2018, now it is the series of missions is all set conducted near the moon.

In this chapter or phase, the NASA will be testing the aptitude of astronauts living and working on a space station that is in the days and hours away from Earth but getting them ready to be months away from home.

It is the phase of and works which is in order to prepare for orbiting Mars.

This will be part of the astronauts will be traveling in the Orion spacecraft and the humans will be also this time going to cover distances. It will be also considered as the utmost humans have ever been to so far.

In the 2020’s, NASA will be sending astronauts into a deep space proving ground yearlong mission, to verify habitation and to test the readiness of humans for the mission Mars.

Jasleen Kaur Josan Has Been Selected By NASA & She Will Be Reached To Space and Mars

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In addition to data already collected, in 2020, a rover study will take place to study the resources on Mars including the availability of oxygen.

Candidates selected and the Indian born Jalseen Kaur Josan also went through kinds of special training during these phases to prepare them for the trip to the Red Planet.

Jasleen will be participating in a two-way mission in 2030 then she will be returning home. Other missions include agendas while they will be staying in a space.

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Talking about the mission Jasleen says:

“It will likely take nine months to reach there, three months to stay there, and then another nine months to return. So it’s a 21-month mission in total.”

When she asked that how her parents felt about her going to space, she said they were more excited than nervous and she is also having goosebumps for her trip to the Red Planet.

The NASA phase in 2030 is to be ‘Earth Independent’ road surface the way for future missions to Mars which is build to achieve by candidates like Jasleen Kaur Josal as a human on the mission.

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