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Ishqbaaaz: Written Episode Update Of The Friday 2nd November – Anika Became Sad

The last night episode of the famous TV series, Ishqbaaaz, begins with the morning show, when after waking up in the morning, Shivaay is shocked to see that A captioned written in his hands, that’s, “Anika Meri Biwi Hain”, and stunned Shivaay asked the same to Anika.

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Anika display that she have no idea what Shivaay is asking about but Shivaay tries to know the reason who writes this captioned in his hands, that’s, “Anika Meri Biwi Hain”.

Somehow the Friday episode of the TV series, Ishqbaaaz, was fun when Anika and Shivaay also come close in the morning time and also turn romantic, at the period when she was there to see what written and mentioned in the Shivaay’s hands.


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While, taking shower, Shivaay tries to remove the caption with water and soap which was written on his hands, that, “Anika Meri Biwi Hain”, but he was failed to remove the same.

Ishqbaaaz: Written Episode Update Of The Friday 2nd November – Anika Became Sad

At the period, when Shivaay was about to take his breakfast, in that time also he was stunned to see that in his sandwich, “Anika Meri Biwi Hain”, which make everybody smile and laugh there and Anika has been seen having fun to see this.

Omkar, Gauri, Mom, everyone was laughing and in that time, Dadi come and everybody became very happy to see Dadi. Dadi come here at the Oberoi house for the Diwali celebration.

Now Shivaay seek blessings from Dadi and leaves for the office. After Shivaay leaves, Dadi get emotional and Gauri said to Dadi that if she wants then at the Oberoi house on this Diwali, Shivaay, Om and Rudra will be celebrate the festival together.

Gauri also asked to Dadi that she will be happier, if the Oberoi brothers Shivaay, Om and Rudra celebrate the Diwali festival together and then both Dadi and Anika got emotional and tears come in their eyes.

In the mean time, when Shivaay was working in the office, a courier comes to him, and Shivaay asked his assistant to connect his laptop with the projector.

Ishqbaaaz: Written Episode Update

After opening couriire, Shivaay was again stunned to see that in the courier it was written that, “Anika Meri Biwi Hain”. He just ignores this but in the meeting while showing the projector; again he stunned to see that in his laptop this is written that, “Anika Meri Biwi Hain”.

When in projector the caption was display that, “Anika Meri Biwi Hain”, Shivaay felt embarrassed in front of everyone which makes Omkar also laugh but Shivaay gets angry somehow, eventually, he cool down and take of the meeting.

But somehow after meeting in the washroom, Shivaay goes unconscious as he stunned to see that blood is coming from tap when he opens the same. After seeing blood Shivaay get scared to see in the mirror of the washroom the caption was written that, “Tej will be comeback to seek revenge”.

Shivaay got scared and come out from the washroom and tries to manage himself. Meanwhile, in the Obeori house someone arrived, she was a lady whom the whole Oberoi family was showing prestige and respect and the whole Oberoi family also welcome her.

Precap: Anika seek blessings from the elderly lady, Shivaay also seek blessings from her. Anika introduced herself to the elderly lady as Shivaay’s wife but elderly lady asked to Shivaay that how he can marry this girl?

He promised that he will marry with a someone’s daughter who is known person of the elderly woman which make Shivaay and Anika shocked and Anika also became sad to hear so?