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Is Today We Are Living In The Digital World?

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Is Today We Are Living In The Digital World? It is a very common and justified question, which is raised in our mind, obviously, and it, is really, the worthy question to analyze, Is Today We Are Living in the Digital World?

It is also literally, right question, that the #DigitalWorld is dominating us or not?

I don’t know, exactly, whether the Digital World is dominating us or not, but I know this and this will ideal to say that the #DigitalWorld is very much connected with us, or it shall also right to emphasize that, we very much depend on the #DigitalWorld!!!

Or the #DigitalWorld is one of the important phases and walk of life and we are very much is in love with the #DigitalWorld and very much connected with the same.

Is Today We Are Living In The Digital World?

Digital World

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And it is also right in many senses, like, let me reminds you something, after waking up in the early morning, we check our mobile, or our cell phone, or our Smartphone, to see whether we got any SMS or WhatsApp from our friends or someone special, which is literally, emphasizing on the Digital World exactly.

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We prefer to watch movies, on YouTube, or we prefer to listen to songs, an iPod. Is not we do so? This wills, not Digital World than what will the Digital World?

We also read the news in the different kinds of websites, instead of the Newspaper…. Is not, otherwise, just tries to remember, last time when you read the news in any newspaper or magazine, and this is again promoted the #DigitalWorld and emphasizes on the #DigitalWorld and how it is popular, trendy, viral, famous and important, which we all are aware of this contemporary world.

It is really, yet to be questioned that whether in this contemporary globe or in this modern world, whether we are living in this #DigitalWorld or the #DigitalWorld is living within us?

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