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Is Hyderabad is perfect holiday destination for children?

Navaratri vacation is coming now parents are wondering what will be a perfect holiday destination for their kids. I think Hyderabad will be a perfect holiday destination for kids who want to visit any beautiful city for holiday destination trip.

The term Hyderabad means “Hyder’s abode” or “Lion City” which is a Persian word. A king called Muhammad Shah Qutb Shah founded the city.

Every year lots of tourists attracted to the city. They come here to visit this historical place often.

Is Hyderabad is perfect holiday destination for children?

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The major attraction point of the city is ChaarMinar! It is one of the globally famous historical monuments situated in the city. From our childhood days we learn about this historical monument and if I’m not wrong? It’s always attracted us. Isn’t it?

City is good for student also. Those who want to enhance their knowledge as a student they can study in the world famous Indian University Osmania University of Hyderabad affiliated with JNU. You can get a bright future here.

The city is well known for its art, handicrafts and paintings. Deccan painting is a prominent painting of the city. It is known as Hyderabad Painting. Golconda painting is another painting of the city which is very prominent here. It is an important branch of Deccan Painting.

Golconda painting developed in the 16th century. It shares some similarities with its neighbouring painting Vijayanagar paintings of the Mysore. The painting reflects the Mughal Culture.

Hyderabad cuisine is eminent worldwide for its delicious dishes. Food lover and tourists come here to taste the Hyderabadi cuisine. In “lion city” foods like rice, wheat, and meat are prepared with lots of spices. That means probably Hyderabadi people love spicy food.  Hyderabadi biriyani and Hyderabadi hallem is popular recipe from all over the world. It’s reflected the Mughal and the Arabic culture. It is one of the iconic cuisines of the India.

In some extent here the Hyderabadi food depicts the culture of Turkey, Iran, and Arabic so here food indicates the flavour of many dishes.

Some other world famous cuisines of the city are nihari, chakna, bhaghara baigan. Deserts like, gubani ka meetha and couble kaa meetha. Kaddu ki kheer is very popular here. Means overall city is surrounded by mouth watering dishes. It will be a great idea if you visit the city, at least you will get a chance to relish the dishes.

Dances are very eye catching here, which not only entertain you rather it will increase your knowledge too. Like, Kuchipudi and Kathakalli eminent dances of India represent the southern culture. And Kuchipudi is a dance of Hyderabad. Marely people in Hyderabad are unaware of this dancing art.

It is a treat for eyes to see this dance. In the dance there is reflection of North Indian Music which became popular during the Mughal rule.

Marfa music is another kind of music which is popular here. In all Hyderabadi functions, whether it is marriage functions or any festivals of the city, Marfa music often played. Sometimes tourists visit the city to hear this particular music.

Overall, it wills not a bad idea to visit the place. So when you are going to come here to enjoy an attractive Indian culture.