The teaser of Intelligent, features the Telugu artist Sai Dharam Tej, and a teaser or first look at the movie Inttelligent begins with a quotation of Mahatma Gandhi.

A lesser-known quote that presents Mahatma in a different avatar anyway and reportedly in this teaser of the movie Inttelligent, Mahatma had been shown advocated violence over cowardice. “When there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence,” Gandhiji had said.

Inttelligent teaser: Sai Dharam Tej seen in his rough and tough avatar

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The filmmakers seem like keen to say in this teaser of the movie Inttelligent that if need then the young hero played by the young actor Sai Dharam Tej can seek violence to solve social problems.

The inttelligent teaser features hero Tej showing off some action chops by launching villains in the air with his punches which is very common in the Southern cinema I guess!

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In this movie, the leading man will be seen teaching lessons to the bad or the negative people by using violence and indeed Sai Dharam Tej had been seen very manly and rough in the movie Inttelligent.

The teaser also gives us glimpse of the main antagonist, played by Rahul Dev. He pays homage to the old attributes of villainy, by seemingly barging into the office of a top police officer and stabbing him to death.

Tej plays ‘Dharmabhai’ and judging from the teaser; in which he owns his website, where people can approach him with their grievances and he will be helping them.


Inttelligent is all set to hit theatres on this 9th February 9 worldwide. It stars Lavanya Tripathi as the female lead. Actors Nassar, Brahmanandam, Posani Krishna Murali and Saptagiri among others play other key roles in the movie.

The film is helmed by V Vinayak’s outing post delivering the 2017 box office blockbuster Khaidi No 150, with Megastar Chiranjeevi.

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