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Interview With The Digital Marketing Executive Sathish Sundar, Better Known As Sathish Satz From Coimbatore

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Interview With The Digital Marketing Executive Sathish Sundar, Better Known As Sathish Satz From Coimbatore:-

Interviewing the young Digital Marketing Executive Sathish Sundar from Coimbatore was amazing in itself. The talented Digital Marketing Executive was very candid in this interview and revealed several interesting and unknown interesting facts about his life and some of the professional world too.

1). Briefly Introduce Yourself to Our Readers.

Myself Sathish Sundar from Nellai, the southern Tamil Nadu. Well, Satz is what my Kiths shout calling me. Actually, that’s the short version of my name scripted by my high school folks.

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I’m a Digital Marketing Executive with a hunger to push myself beyond my limits. It all started back in 2013 during my University days where I took Blogging for fun. But never had any idea then that Blogging will carry me this far in my career (Still I believe). I’m very much into WordPress- the world’s best CMS platform & WooCommerce. Those two actually helped me build my career with confidence.

Basically, I graduated to be a Civil Engineer but my interests are much into digital marketing and blogging. I started blogging earlier in my career which helped me to acquire loads of knowledge about Digital Marketing & Branding.

My earlier blogging stage brought me several winning moments, pride, revenue and awesomeness to the finest. Later I expanded my portfolio with affiliate marketing which helped me earn roughly around $2000 in just 90 days. I’ve have gathered a lot of hands-on experience from my work and still my enthusiasm ain’t adulterated.

Interview With The Digital Marketing Executive Sathish Sundar, Better Known As Sathish Satz From Coimbatore

I wish to see myself as Digital Marketing Manager in a reputed organization. I’m happy with my current position as a Digital Marketing Executive in CartRabbit Private Limited, Coimbatore. We’re (CartRabbit Mafia) working as a team to build a great eCommerce eco-system.

CampaignRabbit is the new product that we built at our work desk. We are crafting many simplified add-ons to simplify eCommerce management. You can follow my social media and Medium Blog for more updates.

2). You are in Digital Marketing. Please share your honest experiences of working in this industry?

Digital Marketing is an art. Yeah! it’s all about sales, branding, reputation management, outreach, conversion and much more. Working as a Digital Marketing person is a quite challenging task. Unlike regular desk job, this job still keeps me going. At the end of the day, it’s all about satisfaction. Right?

Implementing updated techniques in SEO, PPC & Brand Outreach is the way to see your career graph grow.

Don’t forget to experiment with new things. Hear the voice of your industry’s thought leader’s webinar. Also, never miss any great meetup in your locality.

3). Kindly let us know what are your hobbies?

Well, I’m not into books actually but people do suggest me with some awesome suggestions. But I love to read blogs, short inspirational stories, case-studies & social media feeds. Scrolling the memes is what I do to crunch my stress.

In fact, I have a meme page relating to my lingual audience -Tamizh with a gross 50k+ followers.

Joining the PubG arcade isn’t my hobby but it is a true stress-buster indeed.

Watching English series & hearing historical audiobooks are the real dope for me.

Well, spending time with my nephew is emotions bound.

4). Let us know your experiences as a Ghost Writer and for how many periods you worked as a Ghost Writer?

I was working as a Freelance Ghostwriter for several top blogs (2016-2017). The reason I hate being a Ghostwriter is that our hard research and crafted blogs will not be posted in my name. After all, doesn’t a writer just needs some recognition?

Though I was paid good, I don’t love being the one hiding my skills. Also, you’ll not be recognized in your blogger community due to the nature of work (feel anonymous).

5). Who is your muse or inspiration for writing and who is your all-time favorite author and book?

Hard truth but you’ll find no inspirational person in my writing career. The inspiration for my writing roots within. Eagerness towards making money online and my family background pushed me to do things differently with full enthusiasm.

As per my mentor’s suggestion, I’m reading books to enhance my writing & speaking part.

I wish that the day and night I’ll spend with the book named “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini is not far in my calendar. I notice this book being mentioned often on BookWritten Facebook Group (Monitored by a famous Indian blogger “Pradeep Kumar”).

6). You are an Engineer yourself. What is your message to aspiring engineers?

I chose Civil Engineering for my academic career. Engineering studies were at boom during 2000 – 2010 time frame. Later, engineering studies got saturated due to lack of practical study syllabus.

Also, the increase in engineering college count plays a crucial role in degrading the things.

If you truly love engineering and have a strong futuristic plan, you can win any situation for sure. I chose Civil Engineering as my academic career but chose Internet Marketing for my life career.

In fact, I had two backlogs during the final year of University study but somehow managed to secure a grade. My backlogs didn’t stop me exploring my passion for Digital marketing. Contrary to that, I felt very bad during my college convocation day. I failed to make my mom and dad happy on that day due to arrears. So, I believed that academic degree still matters for inner happiness. Well, I’m sure that I’ll bring great pride to my parents soon.

7). Congratulations! You have been awarded as a top writer for 2018 in Quora Platform. Please share some information about it?

That was actually a milestone in my career. I was active on Quora platform from mid-2017 onwards. Answering on Quora Platform became my hobby. At that time, I was working as a Freelance Digital Marketing Strategist for BlogBing.

Consistency is the key. Soon, I was recognized by the Quora Platform because of my active participation in their community. And as a token of reward, I got a Top Writer 2018 Badge (Blogging category) in my Quora profile. Also, I received a year’s Digital Subscription to New York Times as a compliment.

“Satisfaction is being recognized for your work”

8). What is your true love? Travel, Writing, Food, Reading, Digital Marketing, Engineering, or anything else?

You’ve combined all the pieces of my true love in the ‘Q you asked. I love all the stuff that you have interrogated here. Travel is something I need to concentrate in my immediate future. A better meaningful travel indeed.

WordPress Coimbatore Hub Community is the aspiring forum initiated by Mr.Ramesh Elamathi (CEO, CartRabbit). I’m happy to be a Co-Organizer in the association. We are planning to connect WordPress related meetups in our location and start networking as a community vibe.

9). What is your success story? If you can narrate in short.

There isn’t a story yet because I still see a long way ahead of me. Crafting every day to make me better is what I do. I’m still alive with the energy to experience my life to the finest. Well, that’s my story for you.

Never ruin One’s life/day. Stay happy and Stay helpful. That’s the secret mantra for a peaceful life.

10). Which are your favorite travel destinations, and why?

Tirunelveli always stays close to my heart. Spending time with my mom, dad, siblings, & neighbors makes me choose my hometown as the favorite place.


CartRabbit (My Office). It keeps me stay connected with the industry leaders, mentors, best colleagues and I do love my cup of coffee. It has become my favorite destination to showcase my skills and eventually learn more new things every day.

Let see the CartRabbit Mafia below:

11). Your favorite quote?

“Consistency is the key.” – Unknown

“Never show your weakness to the world because the world is much interested to play with it.” – Unknown

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

“நம்மள உசுப்பேத்தறவங்ககிட்ட உம்முனும்

கடுப்பேத்தறவங்ககிட்ட கம்முனும் இருக்கனும்…

அப்போதான் வாழ்க்கைல ஜம்முனு இருக்கமுடியும்.” – Dr.Vijay

12). Last but not least, your opinion about this site 

I really enjoy surfing your website. Content and categories seem to be good. You have got such an incredible blog page.

Little changes to your homepage layout including some footer content might help your visitors admire the site better than before.

  • SSL HTTPS module could add more value to your blog.
  • Removing odd widgets in the sidebar and adding only the essential widgets could increase the aesthetic view of your blog.
  • Focusing on the trendy content matters a lot for TheCheckerNews blog. Also, activeness in Social Media Platform could drive more happy web visitors for your niche.
  • As you’re in the mixed general blogging niche, cover interesting topics on all categories rather than focusing on the same category. Diversify the blog category.
  • Create a push notification alert for your web visitors and retarget them with the interesting contents later (Drive existing user traffic).
  • Create a WooCommerce store on your website and sell awesome goodies.
  • Never stop! A blog is like a Real Estate Asset in this Internet Arena. Keep up the good work. Get suggestions and feedbacks from all strata of people. Tweak as per their choice and grow.

I wish you touch great heights and see happy colors in your mornings and nights to come.

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Note: All Questions for the Interview Compiled and Prepared By Chitra Chowdhury