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Interview With Blogger Rahul Bhichher From Haryana

Rahul Bhichher

This weekend, I managed to take a very amazing and superb interview, of the Blogger from Haryana, Rahul Bhichher.

It was really, interesting chit chat with Rahul Bhichher… Let’s read guys ?

1). Briefly Introduce Yourself to Our Readers.

Hello friends, my name is Rahul Bhichher; and I belong from Hisar, Haryana India. I am passionate about creating stuff for the internet and Blogging.

2). If you have any website or blog, then please let us know the name of your website or blog and please let us know how you manage the same?

I am the founder of Shayariblast a blog based on Shayari niche in which I publish about human sentiments and Co-founder of Blogging pal. is a joint venture with my affectionate brother Santosh Gairola.

Well, I have divided my days for a particular task. On Monday I work on My Shayariblast and other projects. Whereas, On Thursday I work on Blogging pal with my dear brother mentioned above. We both follow the strict timeline for our working schedule. The best thing about our working process is we consult everything before executing anything new on our Blog. Sunday is the official holiday for both of us.

3). Kindly let us know what are your hobbies?

Reading book is what I love the most. Recently one of my friends gifted me the “Immortals of Meluha”, and I am thankful to everyone for so much love and care.

The next thing I love the most is making new friends and supporting them.

4). Who is your muse or inspiration for your creative work and who is your all-time favorite personality of the world?

There are many people whom I consider my inspiration. I request you to not to judge them on numbering here. Everyone is exceptional for me in the list.

1) – Santanu Debnath

2)- Sumit Sao

3) – Navin Rao

4)- Saurabh Tiwari

6) – Santosh Gairola

7 )- Vishwajeet

8) – Ryan Biddulph

9)- Mansoor Ali

10) – Sue-Ann Bubacz

5). What is your true love? Travel, Writing, Food, Reading, Blogging, cooking or anything else?

Well, this time you tricked me, my friend. How can you limit yourself when you have so many things to do. Still, if I have to Choose any one; I would love to go with Blogging.

Blogging is my passion. I cannot think beyond blogging.

6). What is your success story? If you can narrate in a few words so that it will inspire lots of people?

Alright, It is the story of how I increased my traffic beyond 100 K per month. I created my blog which I launched last year after that I started working hard on them. I improved my On-site SEO and started getting the result from Google. Within a few months, my traffic crossed 30 k pageviews within a month. After that, I changed my website layout and made it lighter and faster.

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Google noticed the changed, and I started getting 80 K monthly visitors.  Due to continuous efforts, Google kept increasing my traffic and eventually, it crossed more than 100 K in a month.

Interview With Blogger Rahul Bhichher From Haryana

7). Which are your favorite travel destinations, and why?

I love hilly places like Shimla and Nainital. I love roaming from one place to another place and live a nomadic life.

8). Your favorite quote?

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop by Confucius.

9). Do you believe in a job or business? According to you which are the suitable choice of an individual to witness success in their career?

It depends on the type of person you are.  I cannot Say anything is best. It is all about your passion and love for your job.  An officer in the Indian army is always ready to give up his life for the nation. It is not their job which holds them; it is their love for their motherland.

Apart from that, an entrepreneur is also a warrior who struggles every day to do something substantial and create resources for the new generation.

10). Share your experiences of the working as Blogger in this blogging world?

So far I am thankful to my every blogging buddy. Life is beautiful because so many lovely people are around us who are ready to share the words for you.

Every weekday when we publish our brand new post; It gets an instant share on all the social media channels. On a continuous base, I get tagged on various social media. It is a beautiful part of the blogging where people want to see each other growing. We keep sharing the Same love to others on a regular base.

It is like a kind of untold relationship in which everyone understands that You jump, I jump. The famous dialog is from the Titanic movie.

11). How did blogging happen? If you can share a brief story of the same?

Life was pleasant; everything was going fabulous.  Suddenly, I started concentrating on studies.

Those were the day when I started Googling about Carrer opportunities. Fortunately, I stumbled upon Blogging. I started taking paid online courses.

Side by side I was collecting information from distinct Ebook from Amazon.

That is how I got started with my Blogging journey.

12). Let me know is affiliating marketing is easy or the general blogging is easy?

Once you have the right kind of knowledge about anything you can master that art. In the digital world, you can gather all the resources easily and Free.

Still, there is some premium knowledge which can be collected only by spending little money on Amazon Ebooks and paid courses. Such studies can make sales easy for you in affiliating marketing.

Whereas General Blogging is hard these days; It takes lots of effort to rank on Google.  Therefore love your passion and your work will become easy for you.

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