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An Exclusive Interview with ALEA IT Solutions CEO Ashutosh Bhatia

Interview Ashutosh Bhatia

Image source: Ashutosh Bhatia

An Exclusive Interview with ALEA IT Solutions CEO Ashutosh Bhatia.

A recent while back, Team CheckerNews met the ALEA IT Solutions CEO Ashutosh Bhatia. He is a man of humongous talents. He started his journey from Jaipur to become a model but ended up becoming a CEO and owner of the prestigious ALEA IT Solutions. The ever smiling Ashutosh knows that his entrepreneurial journey was n’t a bed of roses, but eventually he succeed.

Interview Ashutosh Bhatia

Image source: Ashutosh Bhatia – Event Pic

Now, his company is doing great, and also employs a lot of staff at its office. While the Indian government focuses on start ups now, Ashutosh Bhatia’s company too rose to fame in a short span of time almost independently without any support from the government at that time. Today, his inspiring persona and motivational talks compel every aspiring entrepreneur to chase their dreams because nothing is impossible.

Here are the Excerpts of the Interview

Briefly Describe your Multi-Faceted Personality.

After completing my studies from a missionary school (St Xaviers, Jaipur), I decided to take modeling as a profession. But then I realized I could do lot more as an IT consultant.

In 2004, I started my IT Company, which is now an MNC with its worldwide presence in four nations. Even though, I have long working hours at office, I still manage to write books & articles as it is my childhood passion.

What is it Like Being your own Boss? How did you One Day Decide to float a new Company.

I was passionate about entrepreneurship since my childhood days. However, initially, it was difficult and challenging as I had very limited resources to begin with. However, it was during the implementation of a project, I seriously thought about starting my own business. It was tough but yes it worked out and from there I learned that you should not say NO to opportunities, and take them as they come.

What does Alea IT Solutions do and how does it differ from other web development companies.

ALEA it solutions started with only basic IT services like hosting and small website developing firm. But I wanted to make it large so gave quality training to my team so that my company could stand ahead than other companies.

Ashutosh Bhatia

image source: Ashutosh

Today, ALEA IT Solutions works on all major platforms and technologies including IOT and Augmented Reality. The major difference between any other company & ALEA is the culture and team. The culture in ALEA is self-built by the team and rules are also defied by them. Even as an office, it works as a family and heavily focuses on making everyone happy.

What are Some of the Current Job Opportunities Available in your Company and How Many Jobs You Wish to Create in the Near Future?

We have opportunities for people keen in working on IT sector as developers, leaders or managers. We have opportunities in India, UK, Spain and Singapore. By 2020, we will have around 300-employees worldwide.

You have authored two books. What do these books convey to readers and how can we buy them?

As i always say my mission is to make people understand that motivation in world is nothing except YOU, motivation is YOU and hat is what I wish everyone to understand. No one in the world can make you grow or live it’s you who need to be confiding that you can & you will be able to do that.

How did the idea of creating Alea IT Solutions come to your mind and who are the other co-founder/ directors?

I always wanted to make impact on society with use of technology. Gradually, with more adaptability of technology across the globe it became easier for me to make solutions which ease out the work and process from small scale business to corporate.


pic Source: Ashutosh

I am the founder and as of now CEO, with other directors Megha Mutreja, Malcolm Goodwin, Rajesh Nair in UK and SG respectively, but promoters who play key role are Rahul Bhatia & Surandar Gupta.

Has entrepreneurship in India come to a stagnant point with a sudden dip in start up culture of Mumbai and Delhi NCR or do you think self employment still has enormous potential here?

Haha, everyone noways is born entrepreneur, I must say everyone has new ideas everyday & night but the success ratio has gone down reason is that people don’t look into the actual requirement or need of market while making solutions or starting the business / startup.

You need to be sure how important is the need of what you are getting into, How this will impact society and most important of all competitive analysis.

What you Do in Your Free Time and Who are your Real Life Idols.

Whenever I am free I wish I could spend time with my champ (Rabhya) or listen to songs that’s another thing I love to do whenever I get time. I do write poems and small stories which I do not publish as they are only for my own satisfaction and are my personal thoughts which I imagine I would spend time reading when I am old.

Ashutosh Bhatia

Image source: Author

My idol is my father, mother, brother. And Yes Shri Harivansh Rai Bachhan, his poetry “Madhushala” is something that has made me learn the real life and its meaning.

I Read Somewhere that Alea IT Solutions get Repeated Clients Frequently. What is the Secret to it?

“Serve your clients with the Best else someone else will”. Quality, commitment & communication is the key to success.

Testimonials of ALEA IT Solution’s Satisfied Clients

What are the Few Core Areas that your Company is Focusing Into?

Web based application solutions to IOT and soon Augmented Reality.

When can we Expect a New Novel from you?Are you Planning Anything as Such?

Yes, very soon two are about to be released soon, it was planned for 2017 but due to some Personal responsibilities I decided to launch them mid 2018.

From a Successful Writer to Entrepreneur to Motivational Speaker, how do you Manage so many Things Simultaneously?

The skill to mange multiple things is to set priorities with set goals with targeted time. I believe when your health & body supports you work hard and make your future enjoyable so I would with same philosophy and give my 16 hours to work.

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Wow, 16-hours of non-stop work. That’s Incredible, Ashutosh Bhatia

Mentions some of the Big Challenges you Faced in your Life and How did you Overcome the Same.

Life is always full of challenges and that is the most exciting part of life if you are afraid of challenge you can not succeed. But one challenge that took my sleep away was when I had to close my first company within one month due to some misunderstanding with my partner at that time.

Interview Ashutosh

Image source: Ashutosh Bhatia

But I took it as a challenge, and with my father’s Support and guidance I was able to come out of it and all the mess within 3 weeks.

What is the philosophy of your life and what advice would you give to the youngsters wishing to become successful entrepreneur in future?

Be Commited. Set Targeted goals. Be loyal to your work.

Always qestion “whatever you are doing will it benefit society?” Most important motivation is you, no one else”. Love life and enjoy freely.

Team CheckerNews wishes the versatile author and entrepreneur all the best in his future endeavors and glorious days ahead. It was indeed very nice talking to him.

Thank You, Ashutosh Bhatia.

(Interview Session Moderated By Atish Home Chowdhury)