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International Friendship Day 2020: History, Significance, And Facts

We all celebrate International Friendship Day, on 5th August globally, which is being rejoiced, observes and celebrate on the first Sunday of August.

At the same time, globally, we have a number of some specific days which is dedicated to our mothers, fathers, and siblings, brothers, sisters, lovers, which is now also good and fair to celebrate the beautiful bond of friendship on this Friendship Day 2018.

Friends are the family which we choose — consequently, they hold a significant place in our lives. This is a kind of relationship which starts when two people share their same happiness and sorrows and spend some time together.

Every year, on the first Sunday of August, most people across the world come together to celebrate the #FriendshipDay which is a day that is dedicated to our BFFs. And in 2017 we will be celebrating Friendship Day on the 5th of August.

Friendship day celebrations take place on the various dates in the different nations but mostly in India we celebrate the day on 5th August.

In Ohio, #FriendshipDay usually rejoices on the 8th of April. After the World Friendship Crusade proposed July 30, 1958, because the first Friendship Day, the General Assembly of the United Nations announced that this date is declared as the official day of celebrations. But nowadays, we celebrate the day on the first Sunday of August, which is consists of India and US.

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Friendship Day 2019: History, Significance, And some Facts About The special Day

#FriendshipDay origin

Fascinatingly, in 1958 in Paraguay, the first International #FriendshipDay was proposed. On August 2, 1930, the Friendship day was originated by the founder of Hallmark cards, Joyce Hall.

Previous, to this special occasion, was promoted via some greeting cards, but eventually, the public realized it was a scheme to increase consumerism. After the success of the day in the US, Nane Annan, the wife of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, also announced that Winnie the Pooh as the global Ambassador of Friendship at the UN in 1998.

Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho, On July 20, 1958, organized another idea and concept of World #FriendshipDay during a dinner with his friends in Puerto Pinasco, a city in the nation of Paraguay. Ever since then countries like Paraguay and Brazil also rejoice this well lavish occasion friendship day on this day.

If you observe that the bond of friendship was also mentioned and written in epic Mahabharata that was written during the 4th Century CE. The celebration of friendship day took place in the Ayodhya’s province as per the Mahabharata.

It occurs when Lord Krishna’s friend, Sudama arrived in his kingdom after a long journey And BOTH OF them celebrates the day! Is not this unique AND interesting fact!

People in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and South American countries, and they rejoice the day by gifting each other colorful friendship bands and flowers and some gifts.