Some Interesting Facts About The Veteran Actor Raj Babbar: “Daud mein haar uski nahi hoti joh phisal jaata hai, haar uski hoti hai joh phisalkar nahi uthta.”

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This inspiring and motivational quote said by the actor turn politician Raj Babbar. Blessed with a dapper, dashing and handsome personality, Raj Babbar is touted as one of the most versatile and talented actors of the late 70’s and 80s era.

Seems like, Raj Babbar, was very selective towards the selection of his films, no wonder, most of the time he chooses god script and story oriented movies which actually brought him huge accolades most of the time both critically and commercially.

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It will be fine to say at the golden era when the Bollywood was surrounded with a plenty of good actors, in that time, Raj Babbar managed to make his presences felt, as well as, he managed to charm his way into film-dom!

Today we are taking you on a nostalgic journey when we will be discussing some unknown facts of this veteran actor’s life.

Some Interesting Facts About The Veteran Actor Raj Babbar:

#1. Raj Babbar was born in, 23 June 1952, in Agra Uttar Pradesh in a Hindu Punjabi family.

#2. Being an alumnus of the 1975 batch of the National School of Drama, the experienced actor actually seeks his acting training in Street Theatre in New Delhi then eventually, he moved to Mumbai and started his film career journey with Reena Roy.

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#3. Raj Babbar made his acting debut with the women-centric film, “Sau Din Saas Ke”, opposite, Reena Roy and Reena was an established actress of that time.

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#4. Though, He gained fame with another women-centric movie ‘Insaaf Ka Taraazu’, in which he played the negative role but still, he just nailed in his part.

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You will be surprised to know that most of the actors of that time denied doing that role but Raj Babbar said yes to the role as he considers it as a challenge for him and he also proved his worth of being an actor in the movie.

#5. Reportedly, Raj Babbar was also about to do the film Shakti in 1982, in fact, he was almost selected to play the lead role but somehow, in order to receive commercial success, suddenly, Babbar’s name was removed from the movie and makers instead signed Amitabh Bachchan for the lead role.

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#6. Like Shakti, he was almost selected for the movie Namak Halal, in 1982, but somehow, he was replaced by Shashi Kapoor.

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#7. This is another surprising episode of his life, you will be stunned to know that, whenever he used to work with Smita Patil, he used to cut down his fees.

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Eventually, he also hitched with her but the marriage was not long run due to the sudden demise of Smita because of the childbirth complications as per reports.

#8. Raj is blessed with 3 kids, Arya Babbar, Juhi Babbar and Prateik Babbar.

#9. Raj Babbar married Nadira Zaheer and then married with Smita Patil.

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After working with B R Chopra in the social drama Insaf Ka Tarazu, the talented actor became a consistent feature of the B R Chopra movies, which includes, Nikaah, Mazdoor, and Aaj Ki Awaaz

Article source: Interview of Raj Babbar in Aap Ki Adalat

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