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India’s First Professionally Managed Pre-Matrimonial Verification Portal, ShaadiVerify.Com Launched In Mumbai

A first-of-its-kind pre-matrimonial verification service that conducts confidential, affordable background checks of prospective matrimonial partners was recently launched in Mumbai. An online portal,, will verify such details as current marital status, past marriages, current relationships, entertainment habits, reputation amongst colleagues and neighbors, criminal record, employment status, alcohol abuse, smoking habits, income estimate, religious background and sexual orientation among others.

The service has been launched by the DeRisQ Group, one of Asia’s largest risk management services groups and market leaders in anti-counterfeiting solutions, corporate fraud, forensic investigation, private security guard and background check services.

“Advances in technology and the evolution of computer applications like Photoshop have made it easy for people to not only falsify employment and education certificates but also to change skin tones and one’s appearance in photographs. While physical attributes cannot be hidden beyond a certain point of time, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and financial status can be faked over longer periods. It is not uncommon for a newly-married individual to find out that his or her partner is gay, or is not as financially sound as claimed earlier,” says Mr. Julian D’Souza, Chief Executive Officer, will not only cross-check the details provided by the prospective partner but also uses a specially designed, tried and tested fact-finding mechanism to investigate the most vital elements of an individual’s profile. It also uses a reporting structure that encapsulates all important details of the prospective groom or bride and ends the report with an expert’s judgment and recommendation on the person investigated.

“ is a natural extension of our existing infrastructure in Risk Management Solutions. Over the last 20 years, we have been providing specialized services for corporates, but this is our first in the B2C domain. We entered this space because we realized that it lacks professionally-managed firms. To conduct a confidential and discreet investigation of a potential partner is a very sensitive matter. It is not only important that the information provided is comprehensive and accurate, but also that the subject does not become aware that he or she is being investigated. If it gets known that the subject was investigated at the behest of the potential partner, the marriage could well be called off,” adds Mr. D’Souza.

In addition, with the rise in organized marital frauds, the need of pre-matrimonial investigations has become all the more necessary. More and more individuals are opting for such services to weed out any uncertainties about the potential spouse before entering into a lifelong relationship.

“Social media and Google have enabled us to do an easy, superficial basic search. But instead of being enabling tools, they have become a handicap. We often end up not going beyond that first level. It makes us feel that we have done due diligence when in fact we haven’t. In the past, elders in the family would conduct background checks through the community network. The modern urban way of life and the growth of online portals have made individuals more vulnerable than ever. We hope that will help overcome some of those vulnerabilities,” concludes Mr. D’Souza.

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