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Indian Writer’s Work Is Inspiring Foreign Youngsters, Something To Cheer!

Writer Ravi Kumar has made his virtual book available on Amazon but, interestingly, he has also shared the complete work of fiction in the ‘notes’ section of his book’s Facebook page: ‘the guy next door’.

During the coronavirus pandemic, to give sweet respite to the people stuffed with corona news, he promoted his free book links, using myriad ways.

Though his approach was a little different, youngsters from around the globe started taking interest in following the link. Moreover, the catchy subject became the icing on the cake making the book reach over 56,000 readers within a short span of time.

The story of an average guy of class ten attracted towards the cutie ranker of the class, grabbed readers’ attention, and keeps them glued to the book until they finish reading the last sentence. Once, you start reading the book’s first page, then you can’t stop reading before the end.

‘The guy next door’ is not just about a love story, but it is also about a relationship of a boy with his parents, his teachers, his friends, etc. The writer has described the adolescent age and, indirectly, in the form of a story, has guided the youngsters. Being easily relatable, readers are loving it across the globe.

America, Philippines, African Countries, Pakistan, Bangladesh are few countries apart from India, where the book has found a lot of readers. Ravi Kumar’s simple writing is again its added feature making ‘the guy next door’, the first book of many youngsters.

Ravi says, “I always believed in my book and in this lockdown even I finished its second part…but never thought that people from different countries will write back to me saying that they feel inspired and enjoyed reading my book. It’s a wonderful feeling. I’m loving every bit of it.”

We really need such an effort to take India to the world.

Kudos to the author for making the nation proud.

We strongly recommend it to our readers, as it will prove to be a good stress buster. It will wash the negative adrenaline and bring back the happy endorphins. So don’t miss out the chance, click here and read the FB’s free version of the book:

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