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Why Indian Cricket Team Is Appeared As Men In Blue

Why Indian Cricket Team Is Appeared As Men In Blue

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Cricket Team: Have you ever wondered why the Indian Cricket Team appears in the men in blue or simply why the Cricket Team wears a blue Jersey during ODIs. Since colored clothing style came into ODI cricket something unique we witnessed.

We always see that the Cricket Team or Team India has literally always worn the blue jersey. At the same time, this is something became quite familiar for us to see the Cricket Team in the blue Jersey.

Why Indian Cricket Team Is Appeared As Men In Blue

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Being fans and Indians we will be surely wondered why this is so why the Indian Cricket Team appeared in the blue Jersey? Let’s find out the answer in this article:

The main reason for the same is as we were to traces the national flag. Also when the Cricketers’ appeared in the Blue Jersey we can get flavor or essence of the Indian hood in the Indian team.

What Does Blue Color Speak? Countless Things & Much More!

We have 3 crucial colors – saffron, white and green in the Indian flag. Though saffron could be related to political parties so this color is not obviously will suit the Indian Cricket Team, white is not as much appealing color neither it will provide any visual impact.

Why Indian Cricket Team Is Appeared As Men In Blue

Another color green is already taken by our neighbors Pakistan to use the same.

Now there is a fourth color – blue, the Ashok Chakra, which is the perfect color to apply to the clothing of the for the team India. So finally the man finally chooses the blue color as India’s jersey color or color of the Indian Cricket Team.

Since its commencement, the color shade has altered on the basis of sponsor, tournament and even year. It is amazing to see that the blue remain constant for the Indian team. When the team India won the 1985 World Championship of Cricket or the 2011 World Cup, they were all appeared as the Men In Blue.

Why Indian Cricket Team Is Appeared As Men In Blue

This term is co-incidentally arrives from wearing the blue jersey. Blue became such a rage eventually that fans started the trend known as the ‘bleed blue’.

Because India improved as a cricketing power, the phrase Men in Blue became a symbol in order to represent the team in the nation, those men in blue are also known as the warriors of the field.

So now perhaps it is clear the story of the origins of the blue jersey of the team India. Next time you will surely feel the essence of the Tricolour when you will see the playing of ‘men in blue’.

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