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India Has Lots of Jobs Vacant: Do You Have the Ability?

India’s Unemployment Crisis: It’s All In The Mind Not In Reality

Be it the NDA government or the previous UPA government or any other government at the centre or state, the constant hullabaloo of India’s unemployment crisis is nothing, but a mirage. Honestly, there are still enough jobs in India lying vacant at both public and private sector, but the sad reality is that they don’t get enough competent and well-skilled people to join them!

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I can genuinely feel that if you are properly qualified, and have good knowledge of English backed up by solid etiquette and soft skills – the sky is the limit for you, dude! Being an amateur education-enthusiast and career counselor, I can suggest at least a single job for each of you but you have to ensure that you are ready with these conditions:

  1. Ready to be posted anywhere in India.
  2. You have good communication skills in English.
  3. You don’t expect a hyper salary level – that only exists in your imagination.
  4. Initially, your salary might be low or high, but gradually that will surely increase only!
  5. You are ready for both private and government job.

Well, as I said before, if you feel that you can meet these conditions, then I can personally suggest a good job for you. But, if you belong to those people, who don’t have any interest in education, but just wish to get a government job for the sake of it, then I am sorry! I can’t help you.

You have to be genuinely interested and aware of the current trends in the job market if you are seriously considering a job option for yourself. Also, it is necessary to mention here that a mere degree won’t help you in grabbing a good job.

Where Are The Jobs – 2019

Many candidates surf job postings throughout the day but don’t get a one where they can apply. Similarly, there are thousands of employers who search for a right candidate across LinkedIn, social media and other job sites but don’t get any such candidates.

From my view, I feel there is certainly a communication gap that prevents the right employee from getting gainful employment at those firms. No matter, what’s your qualification is if you are genuine, honest and have a desire to try something new – then you always have a rosy road waiting for you to step in.

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To begin with, I will categorically highlight a few hot qualifications and how can a candidate get a job in that domain!

#I) MBA: This is the most evergreen qualification that attracts every employer. No matter, what line of specialization you chose, but if you are damn serious about getting a job then just post your profile on popular job sites and go! Your email id will be flooded with job offers shortly!

#II) Professional Commerce Courses: Under this segment, you have the option of becoming a qualified CS – ICSI, CA – ICAI, CWA – ICWAI. And, the good thing about these courses is that they are fully distance courses so you can easily complete these courses at the comfort of your home. However, passing the final examination of any of these courses is definitely tough. On average, a graduate candidate may require at least 5 years to complete these courses. These won’t require too much money and can be easily done with less money.

#III) Tech: Technology is trending these days. Just open your browser and you will see lots and lots of job opportunities for Graduate engineers. So, if you have done BE or Btech then just start applying without waiting for a government job. Once you get a private job then you may still apply for a government job as and when such a job notification comes!

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#IV) Computer Graduates: Whether you are BCA or MCA or BSC IT or MSC IT, if your qualification is proper and from a government recognized institute then don’t worry – massive jobs await you. With the rise in IoT, Big Data, Data Analytics, and Software Engineering, you have lots of new jobs to apply! However, please make sure that you constantly keep yourself abreast of all the latest developments that are taking place in the world of technology!

#V) Conventional Graduates: No worries! If you are BA/ Bcom/ Bsc – you still have lots of employment opportunities to apply for. Just make sure that you are keeping yourself updated with all the latest information and trends. For example; if you are Bcom graduate and want to become an account professional then do ensure that you have learned all the relevant accounting technological packages like Tally/ ERPs before applying. Similarly, if you are a BA-passed candidate then make sure that you are good at secretarial and clerical work that you will undertake. Gradually, you will get promotions – but then you have to start from somewhere!

#VI) Academics: I really fail to understand why people ignore this segment. Any job relating to academics is nothing but a dream come true moment. You get a high salary package, dignity, respect and lots of opportunity to write and read – what else are you wishing for? Here again, two things that you must remember:

#1) A career in School: No matter how much a scholar you are, but if you wish to build a successful career in school education then you must complete your B.Ed. Never-ever ignore this! And, then you can, of course, go for M.ed too.

#2) A career in Higher Education: If you wish to make a career inside the University premises, then you have to work a bit harder. Complete your Masters followed by a Ph.D. and then you can directly apply for any University job in the academics department.

#VII) Evergreen Professions: Lawyers and Doctors are still the best independent career options for the people interested in these segments. If you wish to become a lawyer then you have two options:

#1) For aspiring doctors, please compete at NEET after +2. Once you get a valid score and rank then you can apply to a college depending upon your mark. Here you will have to compulsorily study MBBS! Also, you will have other options for specializations too! And, in a huge country like India, quality healthcare professionals are always in demand. 

#2) For Aspiring Law Professionals: Complete your graduation first and then complete a 3-year LLB course! Or else, directly apply for CLAT after passing your +2 exam. Once qualified, you will get into a 5-year-integrated law course. And, I can tell you law is in itself an extremely interesting option for candidates who are specifically interested in debates, logic and rational arguments.

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VIII) Creativity: Finally, I am writing about my favorite field. Finally, I am writing about my favorite field. Yes, Creativity! If you want to be a creative professional, then your passion and creativity always exceed job demands! No matter, when, where and how, if you truly love creativity then you will always get a job in this sector. It’s an umbrella term and includes a lot of things: Acting, dancing, singing, writing, painting, music playing and many more.  

However, to be on the safe side, I suggest all aspiring creative personnel complete a professional government recognized course. For example; If you love writing, then make sure that you have a PG Diploma or Degree in Mass Communication and Writing backed up by a graduate and/ or PG Degree in the same or any other subjects. 

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How May I Help You

If you are seriously looking for a job then just mention your qualification and English skills, I will suggest a good job for you in the comment section. It applies to both freshers and experienced as well. Till then, Bye-bye! Take care and Good luck!

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