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Independence Day Special 2020: I”m Proud To Be An Indian

Being an Indian and staying in India is a dream come true for many of us! I’m a born Indian and, I”m extremely proud of that. I”m in lifelong love with India – my country and the fellow Indians – my brethren.

From North to South, you will fall short of words — how stunning India is, in reality!

Within a few words, I’m trying to capture India’s vibrant legacy in just a few words. And why not? We are celebrating the nation’s 73rd Independence Day.

#1) Quality Medical Services

It’s only in India that you can avail of quality healthcare services at an affordable price. The cost of medicines & healthcare services is one of the lowest in India. That’s the primary reason why medical tourism is so popular in India.

Also, you have the option to go for health insurance for any unforeseen medical emergency.

#2) An Affordable Living

You can easily survive at low income in this great country. Here, the standard of living is based on the minimal needs of the people. Indians are very sombre and down to earth. They don’t believe in show-offs. We believe in the simple concept of simple living and high thinking.

Fooding and lodging is also cheap here. With a bit of money, you can easily get the best of vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes at a relatively cheaper price.

#3) Religious Harmony and Diversity

Several religions coexist here in a mutually cohesive manner with peace and tranquility. No matter, how the media portrays India, but we are fully committed to the basic tenets of secularism and religious peace.

#4) Land of Festivals

We celebrate countless festivals each year across the nation. Our sweet offering to gods in the form of prasada at temples and home is tasty, healthy, and spiritually enlightening. We believe in all gods and all festivals.

#5) Alternative Medicine

Ayurveda, Yunani, Homeopathy — India is the largest market of these traditional medicines. These are quite effective and have no side effects.

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#6) Higher Education

There is no dearth of quality educational institutes in India. From law, management to medicine,  you can study all such courses at comparatively lesser fees than other countries.

India is a land of natural beauty. From the Himalayas to beautiful western ghats, India never fails to woo its visitors. You just can’t stop loving India. Not to forget, Bollywood – the storehouse of creativity. It produces around 200 films a year! It’s incredible in itself!

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