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Independence Day: 4 Interesting Facts About This Iconic Day

Independence Day

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Well, India is celebrating the festival, or you can say, carnival, one of the most important Indian festival, called, the Independence Day, with the massive enthusiasm and zeal.

Independence Day: History & Significance’, Account & FACTS

Well, it is no need to mentioned, that the Indian festival, namely, Independence Day, is very big, and it is an important festival, as Diwali, or Dashehera, it is indeed, very important festival, as it is the Independence Day or the 15th August, is the date, when we received freedom from the British Raj, and after lots of the forfeit, and sacrifices, made by our Indian freedom fighters, we received this Independences of India, so, the Independence Day, is certainly, one of the most memorable and one of the most precious day, for all of us, we Indians.

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Lets read some important and amazing facts of the Indian festival, called, the Independence Day, and these facts, will not only make you feel proud of being an Indian, in fact, these will also enhance your knowledge and make you happy….

So, you guys, just need to read this whole article, or you can say, blog, by scrolling down the same.

Independence Day: 4 Interesting Facts About This Iconic Day

1). Well, we all received, Independence, from the British Rule, on a historical day, of the 15th August 1947, and it is certainly, one of the most memorable days, anyway.

2). The country, India, is received and attained independence post some of the famous, Independence Movement, like, Sepoy Mutiny, Civil Disobedience and so on.

3). The festival, of India, the Independence Day, is regarded as and counted as amongst the most important National holidays of the subcontinent, followed by, the other 2 festivals, which are includes, Republic Day on 26 January and Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on 2 October.

4). The festival, of India, Independence Day, is a perfect day, also when we all should sing, patriotic songs, which is also consider as one of the most kind and the amazing gesture anyway.

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