Incredibles 2: Disney has released the first theatrical trailer of the much awaited and anticipated movie of the year, namely Incredibles 2.

Wish Upon Trailer Released

The movie promo video comes out which is the one-minute-30-second-long footage disclosed at the time of the broadcast of Winter Olympics on Wednesday night.

The trailer of the movie focuses on the normal life of Parrs, as per crux of the story Incredibles 2  is about how the family blessed with the superpowers also – well, as normal and this can be superheroes running around in the house’.

In the trailer, Mr. Incredible can be seen juggling the household chores as well he is managing children while Elastigir is only concentrating on saving the globe.

Incredibles 2

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The film is loosely based on the life of Parrs, a family blessed with superpowers. This one is the prequel, to the first movie series which was hit theatres in the last 2004.

A huge part of the video just being focused on the Jack-Jack – the newest and most-loved member of the incredible family.

Earlier in the month of November, a comical teaser of the flick Incredibles display that Jack-Jack exhibiting some unknown powers which are the main feature of the comedy supernatural genre movie.


In the new trailer of the melodrama Incredibles 2, the leading man has been seen teleporting and transforming into a monster.

The animated Disney-Pixar film Incredibles 2 is all set to hit theatres on this on June 15. The film Incredibles series is touted as one of the most favorite movies of the American audiences and now a day, Indians also liked the same.

So, Incredibles 2 will be going to be much awaited and anticipated movie of the Hollywood anyway.

Directed by Brad Bird
Produced by John Walker
Nicole Paradis Grindle
Written by Brad Bird
Based on Characters
by Brad Bird
Starring Holly Hunter

Craig T. Nelson

Sarah Vowell

Huck Milner

Samuel L. Jackson

Music by Michael Giacchino



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