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An Impossible Love That Was Destined to Remain Incomplete

An Impossible Love That Was Destined to Remain Incomplete

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Lilly D’Souza (name changed for privacy purpose) worked at a high school as a Science teacher in Mussorie. She was affectionately called Lily Ma’am by students. She treated all boys and girls as her pupils, but Deepak, the 17-year-old boy had a secret crush or love on her. He studied at class XI. He found himself attached to Lilly in an unexplained manner.

An Impossible Love That Was Destined to Remain Incomplete

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Lilly D’Souza, 35, unmarried, was actually not getting a man of her choice. One day, Deepak overheard the conversation of Lily and her female colleagues. “For me, the person of my dream should be someone who can take me to new places – obviously, I wish to marry an airplane pilot. It will be wonderful”, Lilly said to her friend at the staff room. After hearing it, Deepak took his studies very seriously. Only a god knew why he wanted to become a pilot since that day because his actual ambition was to be a doctor.

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A few days later, Deepak’s heart was torn into pieces! Lilly Madam arrived at the class XI, exactly a month before the final exam. She informed students about shifting to a nearby Dehradun. She also introduced the new science teacher Myra to the class.

Deepak was inconsolable after hearing it – silently he went to toilet downstairs and wept aloud – not knowing why?

Decoding Student-Teacher Romantic Relationship

A student almost half of an age to his teacher – fell in love with her. Is it really possible? According to a London-based psychologist, “young and adolescent boys are attracted to their female teachers in the same manner how young women develop relationship with older men twice or thrice their ages – it’s normal”.

Psychlogists consider student-teacher relationship as a normal thing, even though it is still considered as a social taboo at many places. Basically, what happens is as we grow up, we start realizing the value of things that make us happy and better. Obviously, teachers play a major role in our lives.

Their discipline, manners and appealing persona often resonate inside our minds for a long time. At the end of the day, when we think of romance – the name of favorite sir or madam often fills that void deep inside the heart. But it is actually an infatuation and not love.

An Impossible Love That Was Destined to Remain Incomplete

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Can Deepak Achieve the Love of His Life?

After five years of relentless study and dedication, Deepak was now a full-fledged commercial pilot. He chose the profession just to fulfill the desire of his beloved Ma’am so that he could enter her life.

Deepak went to Dehradun to meet and propose Lilly.

He saw a school nearby the Dehradun bus stand where “Mrs. Lilly” was its school principal. Deepak entered the Principal’s cabin and said, “May I come in? A recognized voice said yes, come in.

An Impossible Love That Was Destined to Remain Incomplete

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“I’m Deepak from your previous school at Mussorie – where you worked as a Science teacher for 5-6 years. I am here because both of us waited so long”, exclaimed Deepak giving hint to what he wanted to say. Stunned Lilly stared at Deepak. Yes, now she could easily recognize Deepak, one the most meritorious Science students of Class X and XI. “Hey! Deepak, how are you? And I couldn’t get you, what “wait” are you talking about? Lilly abruptly said.

Before Deepak could say anything, a man in his 40s came inside the cabin. “Hey, Darling, let’s go out for a dinner tonight”. Deepak still couldn’t believe his eyes. His beloved Ma’am was already married.

An Impossible Love That Was Destined to Remain Incomplete

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“Hey, Ravi… he is Deepak – my Mussorie Student”.

Both Deepak and Ravi looked on at each other in complete bewilderment. Ravi was the mentor of Deepak at Bombay flying club where the latter successfully completed his commercial pilot training course. “Hey, how you came here? Ravi questioned.

“Actually, I came here to meet Lilly Ma’am to inform my accomplishment. I am also very happy that Lilly Ma’am actually got the man of her dreams. She often told her colleagues at Mussorie school that she wanted to marry a commercial pilot”, Deepak Said.

“Yes, it was destined to be. She came here and found me. It is my native place. Just a month back, both of us got married at the age of 40”, Ravi explained.

“I am really very happy to meet both of you again. So, that I can take blessings from both of you for my future success, said Deepak in a choked voice while returning from the Principal’s cabin. Biding adieu to both Ravi and Lilly he went outside.

An Impossible Love That Was Destined to Remain Incomplete

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The Love That Was Not Meant To Be….

Cold breeze touched Lilly’s face as she felt the undercurrent of Deepak’s arrival into Dehradun. He was just 22, harbouring an unfinished love to marry Lilly. Suddenly, a calendar image grabbed Lilly’s attention – a little teenage boy was presenting a red rose to an elderly woman with these words, “Love is eternal and pure, but its destinations are not”.

(Inspired from real life events. For an entertaining purpose only. Any resemblance to any person is purely coincidence. All names are fictious)

© 2017, All rights reserved.

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