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Ideal SEO Lead Generation Methods for 2019

Ideal SEO lead generation methods for 2019:-

Most website owners do not understand the importance and functionality of SEO and this is what hurts the overall performance of their website. SEO is not an optional factor for a site to grow. It is absolutely necessary for any website which has to be used to generate business on the internet. Through proper SEO methods, websites can acquire high SEO ranks and excel. However, a site can only obtain a good SEO rank if the correct techniques are used. Other than that, SEO is a procedure that consumes time. You cannot expect a website to grow in the early days and acquire a high position. It takes time for even the best sites to get recognized and earn a higher ranking position.

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In the year 2019, you can use the following key methods for SEO lead generations.

1. Keyword Planning

Using the correct keywords in the content is a game-changing constituent. It is something that required careful planning and management. Business owners do not select keywords in a random manner. The selection of keywords depends on what users are searching for. Check density of the keywords, whenever you publish new content on your site. This will help you to get higher traffic to your blog.

Business owners should identify these keywords so that they can be used in the form of web content, blogs and other forms of written information. The correct use of keywords is one of the best ways to get SEO leads. SEO link building through outreach can be difficult. It is always a wise thing to have a good team behind it. Else it will take alot of your time. 

  • How do user searches work? Users type a certain phrase or combination of keywords in the search box. Consider an example. If a user is looking for crockery, he will use phrases like “best crockery options” or “crockery at economical rates” etc. When he types these search phrases, a list of websites would be displayed on his screen. However, only the websites which have used these keywords in the form of text or visual content would be displayed. If your website does not contain the keywords which the user has searched for, it would not be displayed among the list of searched results. In a nutshell, using correct keywords helps users in generating the maximum revenue from SEO ranks.
  • Keywords have to be refreshed from time because the text phrases that users enter vary from time to time. Thus, it is important to have a proper keyword planning process in place. It helps in keeping track of the changes in keyword preferences.
  • You need to beef up the content with new keywords every now and then. It helps in getting a high count of hits even when the keyword preferences change.

2. Backlinks help with high SEO rankings

The process to get a high SEO rank is simple but very competitive. Websites that have a high number of backlinks acquire top SEO positions quickly. Google ranks sites with a high number of backlinks at high positions. Thus, one way to get a high number of leads is that you acquire backlinks from authoritative domains. Backlinks can be acquired through a number of methods.

  • Irrespective of the method you are using, make sure that you check the standard of the website you are connecting with. Make sure that the selected websites have a good overall reputation and immense experience. If you are connecting with a website that does not have a good rate of traffic, your own website would not grow. There are various parameters which can be used to check the caliber of the website. You can simply check the reviews that people have given about it. If most opinions state that the website is up to the mark, you can consider it for backlinking. You should check the reputation of the website you are connecting with so that backlinking improves your reputation instead of causing negative effects.
  • Submitting a good healthy guest post can get the job done. Normally, this is the method used for establishing a backlink. However, the quality of the post is a key factor for deciding whether you would be able to acquire backlinks or not. In other words, you need to pay attention to the blog content. To start with, you need to pay a lot of attention to readability and the audience should find the content interesting. This is the only way you can establish links with the best websites.

3. A quality landing page with customer testimonials

A customer who has visited a website for the first time would take several factors into account. One of them is what the existing customers say about a company. To get traffic on your website, you can create a professional landing page along with customer testimonials.

  • A landing page is the beginning of any website. If you have a professional landing page that has been digitally marketed, getting traffic would not be a problem in any manner. It is important to use real customer testimonials only. Exaggerated customer testimonials can be identified easily by customers as people are intelligent these days. Thus, you should only use comments that have been given actually by the customers.
  • The design of the landing page is critical. Do not have a complicated structure in terms of design. People would be able to understand the landing page and its contents in an easy manner. You should always remember that people who visit websites usually have very less patience. Hence, the moment they feel that the landing page is hard to interpret, they would make an exit. In an overall manner, it can be said that things have to be kept simple so that users can understand it in an easy manner.

4. Local Listings are fruitful for getting SEO leads

If you are targeting products on a global scale, it would have both positive and negative aspects attached. Let us go through an example to gain more understanding. When you are selling products on a global scale, they would get more exposure, but you would also have to compete with companies already operating worldwide.

  • When you are selling products in a particular location, you would be targeting a smaller customer count but getting conversions would be easier. For instance, consider that you are looking for suiting companies in Chicago. While searching for companies, you would type “suit companies in Chicago”. Websites that have this phrase in the form of text or visual content would be displayed on your screen. Thus, it can be said that local listings help a lot in getting the best SEO leads. These listings assist in getting traffic from a particular location.

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Author: Ayush Chawla

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