I came to know about my wife’s Promiscuity but I liked it!

Just a few years back, I (Rajesh) and Sheetal came to Bangalore with a great hope to accomplish our respective goals in career and life. I know her since my college days. She is very intelligent. Our love bloomed, and soon we got married.

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Destiny planned the best for us! Both of us got a good job at a prestigious IT firm. I worked as a product development manager while Sheetal worked as a Lead Development Manager in the same firm. Life moved peacefully and steadily until the new boss Neeraj entered into our life. Soon, it drastically affected our marital relationship.

Everything Was Going Fine….. But One Day

Despite being a dedicated team player in the office, I noticed Neeraj’s constant scrutiny of my work performances. It made me feel more nervous and shaky from inside. Gradually, it hampered my work performance too inviting more unwarranted attention towards me that I didn’t want.

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Simultaneously, what bothers me more was my wife’s unnecessary closer proximity with Neeraj. It made things more weird and puzzling. To be honest, I didn’t want Sheetal to share so much time with this arrogant and rude bloke Neeraj.

I was getting lost again and again somewhere…

The very next day, I saw Neeraj dropping Sheetal just outside our 2BHK posh flat in the night. Earlier in the very same day, Neeraj abused and insulted me at an official meet. No, I couldn’t take it anymore.

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Neeraj kept praising my wife again and again, and didn’t notice my hardworks and sincerity towards the office. The Board of directors headed by Neeraj remarked that my performance was below-average for the last few months while they recognized my wife’s utmost dedication and proactive roles for new lead generation for the office. 

What I fear the Most, It happened…..

After a few months of repeated warnings from the management, I was finally fired on the ground of bad performance.

At the same time, I could clearly see Sheetal coming outside from the Boss Cabin in a golden-colored Salwar Suit accompanied by Neeraj. She wore a maroon-colored lipstick with an infectious smile. I wanted to shout at her but then there are some professional conducts and office decorum that need to be followed.

Love Indifferent

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Like a loving husband, I asked Sheetal if she has any problem with me in the following night. She immediately denied having any rift in our marital relationship. She kissed me on my forehead suggesting me to get a new job soon.

Suddenly, I asked Sheetal about her equation with Neeraj. Clasping me closer to her bosoms, Sheetal said, being a senior manager, I have to accompany Neeraj at every official meeting at day or night.

She asked me not to worry about these petty things and concentrate on my work. I readily accepted what Sheetal said. She was my best chum. Though, I was sacked, I wished all the best for Sheetal at this office. So, I smiled back too saying “Sheetal, I will definitely get a better job shortly”. ‘Good luck’, she said.

Finally, I Bear the Brunt of My Wife’s Infidelity

Following night, I overheard the conversation between Sheetal and Neeraj. They were in a sexual relationship. Sheetal silently said, ‘I’m meeting you tomorrow. Let me see how long you stay on”!

I silently retreated as I didn’t want to hear such things anymore.

Love indifferent short story

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Next morning, just when Sheetal left, I followed her car. It stopped near Neeraj’s bungalow, and Sheetal knocked the door. Neeraj opened the door and holding Sheetal’s waist took her inside. Neeraj and Sheetal enjoyed each other for nearly half an hour before they reached the office.

But I swallowed my wife’s infidelity with an open heart as I knew that some day she will realize her mistake.

And then We Happily Lived Ever After

Today, Sheetal lives happily with me! She left the office 7-8 months back, when Neeraj ousted Sheetal as the latter was countering Neeraj over some financial embezzlement in the office.

And eventually, she disclosed her extramarital sexual relationship with Neeraj to me. I stood silent and rock solid as I already knew it before. Saying me sorry, Sheetal promised that she would never do such things in future

my wife's infidelity

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On hearing true honest words from her, my heart openly welcomed her. And gradually within the next couple of months everything got fine. What I liked about Sheetal was her candidness and honesty. She accepted her infidelity in front of me and it was indeed a great thing for both of us.

We no longer care about our past and now happily running an IT-startup company in Bangalore. Now, we are so much intertwined with each other’s love that nobody can divide us. Honesty and frankness stimulate the necessary vibes that keep our relationship alive.

Come what may, even tornado can’t separate us.


Disclaimer: Inspired from real life but not necessarily in the same order. Names, place and other details are altered for privacy purposes. Any resemblance to any person or persons is purely co-incidental.

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