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I Love You: 5 Reasons To Watch This Romantic Movie

The Sandalwood actors Upendra and Rachita Ram are ready with the romantic movie, I Love You, of the Kannada language which is all set to hit theaters on this 14th February, 2019, the Valentine’s Day.

The theatrical trailer of the movie is already received thumps up and some good feedback from the fans, so here I’m presenting 5 reasons to watch the movie I Love You on this 14th Feb.


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I Love You: 5 Reasons To Watch This Romantic Movie

1). The movie I Love You will be release on the special day of the Valentine’s Day, which is also giving each love birds reasons to go for the movie I Love You, and I think whether it is married or unmarried everybody will be love to watch the movie.

2). It is a typical commercial masala entertaining movie, which I think can be connecting with the all age group people, though, it is a romantic film, still, on seeing the theatrical trailer, it is clear that the movie I Love You is blessed with the each elements which an entertaining movie need to be blessed with.

3). In the movie I Love You, which is touted as one of the most awaited and anticipated movie of the year, is also flaunted the sizzling and hot chemistry between the 2 main leads, Upendra and Rachita Ram which is looks incredible.

4). Theatrical trailer of the upcoming romantic movie already received thumps up and good feedback from fans which is also making fans and audiences more intriguing for the movie.

5). The film is schedule to release on the perfect occasion and on the perfect day of the Valentines’ Day, means 14th Feb and it is the day when most of the students and college going people visit theaters to watch movie.

I think fans will be love to watch this new kind of romantic love story I Love You on 14th Feb and no need to mentioned, that the leading lady, Rachita Ram is looking super cute in this movie I Love You.