The comparatively low crime rate and pleasant weather the beautiful city Hyderabad is also sometimes regarded as the `City of Pearls’ which actually helped the city Hyderabad to achieved and hold on to its top rank among the different cities in India.

Hyderabad is literally declared as the best city to live or settled down in India as per the latest survey of India of the Mercer Quality of Living Rating 2018 which was come and released on the last Tuesday.

Hyderabad has been successfully retaining its position as the top Indian city for the fourth year consecutively in a row, but the city is already now declared as the numero uno alongside Pune, in providing the quality life.

Hyderabad somehow has been jumping up the ranking chart over the period of 2017.

The two cities ranked and capture the 142 and spot, the uppermost among the all listed seven metro cities of India, which includes, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi, that featured and mentioned in the survey.

New Delhi, on the other hand, is ranked among the lowest in the midst of the all Indian cities for the third uninterrupted maybe because of the continuing challenges the city is facing in terms of traffic and the quality air.

Other metros, like, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bengaluru, also received lower ranked on the Quality of Living Index than the comparatively newer technology hubs of Pune and Hyderabad.

Both the IT cities have been increasing in the rankings, with Pune jumping three spots in this 2018 too like the previous year.

Hyderabad: best city to live in India announced via a Survey

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“While Hyderabad and Pune have jumped in rankings this year, they have done so relatively to other cities, while showing negligible change on factors evaluated,” the report said.

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Climate & low crime rate hold Hyd in good stead

Environmental factors and comparatively lower crime and climate help the city Hyderabad to achieve this height, while Pune catches eyeball and attention because of its averagely good housing facilities and good availability of consumer goods for international employees,” the report stated.

Actually, all the Indian cities surveyed scored high on factors such as communication and access to food consumables.

Globally, Vienna booked its top position in this list of 450 cities, for the ninth successive year at the top of the Index. This was followed by Zurich, which ranked second, while Auckland and Munich are captured the third spot.

Hyderabad: best city to live in India announced via a Survey

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Vancouver was the fifth top city international which provides the good quality of living in North America. Singapore, with a score of 25 on the scale, is considered as the highest ranked city in Asia and Montevideo, with a ranking of 77, the highest one in Latin America.

A disconnect and a separate ranking on city sanitation, which analyzed a town’s waste removal and sewage infrastructure, levels of infectious disease, air pollution, water availability and quality — all significant aspects determined the city’s attractiveness for both talent and businesses, which introduced in this year.

In the middle of Indian cities, Bengaluru received the highest ranked on this count at 194, followed closely by Chennai at 199 and Pune at 206 ranks.

Though, both New Delhi and Kolkata received among the bottom five towns wide-reaching in terms of city sanitation, intimately following each other at 228 and 227 ranks in that order.

Hyderabad ranked at 209 in the city of the sanitation ranking.

“The results show that Indian cities are yet to make any marked leaps on the quality of living scale, from 2017. However, this is the 20th anniversary of our survey globally and, though few Indian cities have decreased in their ranking, over a 20-year period these cities have been continuously improving their living standards. A key driver has been the considerable investment in physical infrastructure including airports, public transport and communication facilities — among the many factors used to evaluate city living standards,” said Padma Ramanathan, India Practice Leader, Global Mobility, Mercer.

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