The corporate world has undergone massive changes since the liberalization of the Indian economy 26-years ago. It requires human transformation. These changes have brought to the fore the need to transform the working populace for corporate need. In fact, the success of corporate world now needs more on transformed workforce than before.

The time has now ripened when the human resources must be “transformed” to speed up the pace of the nation’s growth. The primary reason for this is that it is always the transformed people who can shoulder greater responsibilities and complete tasks in a far better manner as against the non-transformed people who would often fumble in executing them. However, on being groomed and transformed, the level of their abilities and skills grows substantially.

Yes! The nation must capitalize on human transformation. Transformation of people also means their empowerment.

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The hallmarks of transformation are change and growth. The sequential changes in the human resources are made possible through phase-wise transformations initiated within themselves by honing their entrepreneurial skills, building up their level of confidence, augmenting the self esteem and above all, managing their talent. Transformed people often move to higher stations of life.

Capitalisation on Human Transformation Key to Corporate Success

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The term human resources transformation basically refers to the massive restructuring of the mental attitude of manpower, fine-tuning their soft skills, chiseling their entrepreneurial abilities, widening their vision and kindling the spirit of an achiever in them. These are done through training.

The growing complexity and scope of today’s functional approaches demand special type of skills, attitudes and competencies. But the irony is that the academic institutes and colleges dotting the country are not professionally equipped to impart these need-based specialized training to the people. But we do need effective transformation in the human resources to drive higher business performances that is necessary for the nation’s growth.

Business Value of Transformation

Transformation is a magical word. The transformed people follow the motto—“sky is the limit”. Hence the business value of transformation is really immense. The transformed people become effective strategic partners and make a positive contribution to the continuing success of the organisation.

After transformation, the manpower turns replete with initiative and drive. They also are filled with leadership qualities and dynamism after proper coaching and grooming. Flush with energy after getting transformed through training, they always try to grab opportunities, implement implementation plans more effectively, act as leaders, turn result oriented and understand corporate ethics and business strategies in their real perspective.

This all happens as their entrepreneurial skill, after getting sharpened, finds their best expression in the form of actions directed towards achievement of higher business goals. Thus, the business value of transformation is immense. Unless the leadership qualities and entrepreneurial skills are honed in the human resources, they cannot properly understand the needs of business. Thus, transformation is only the evolution of human being.

Capitalisation on Human Transformation Key to Corporate Success

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Early transformation of human capital resources is ideal as it also create pool of corporate ready manpower. If India becomes a land of “transformed manpower,” the country’s GDP will take a giant leap forward. The transformation of manpower should not be restricted to big cities as there exists a vast pool of working hands in the rural areas too.

Transformation to What Extent?

The time now has ripened when the gap of urban-rural transformation should be bridged. In other words, the scope of Human Capital Management must be extended to semi-urban and rural corners of the country. Once the talent gap is bridged, the productivity of the industrial sector will jump manifold from its existing level.

Your people are your greatest asset. This dictum is applicable only when the maximum numbers of the youths are transformed to carry forward the growth trajectory of the country.

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