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Raksha Bandhan 2019 Date: Muhurat, Purnima Tithi, Puja Vidhi Sacred Time to Tie Rakhi On The Brothers Hands

Raksha Bandhan

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The nation of India is a land of festivals. In the whole earth, there is much monotony and pressure in every person’s life that infrequently we want to escape from this, perhaps this is the festival which helps us to relax for a while.

Now India is ready to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan which is now ready to arrive and in this festival, Siblings are gearing up to mark their special bond with each other which is named as —Raksha Bandhan.

On the day of the festival Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie rakhi on their brother’s wrist and then she feeds him some sweet, alongside, they also exchanged gifts with each other.

There are much dedication and enthusiasm to strengthen the relationship between the brothers and sisters. This year, Rakhi falls on 26th August 2018.

Apart from the celebrations, the festival Raakheee is also touted as a pious festival.

Here are the details that include the fortunate Raksha Bandhan 2019 date, puja vidhi and Purnima Tithi.

The pious and beautiful relationship between a brother and sister is simply exceptional which cannot be described in words, though this relationship is the very special relationship and the festival Raksha Bandhan is all about that.

Sibling bonds are amazing and regarded as the special bonding in the whole universe.

Indians have dedicated a carnival, called Rakhsha Bandhan to appreciate the sibling love; similar kind of another festival which brother and sister rejoice alongside Raksha Bandhan is “Bhai Duj”.

Raksha Bandhan 2019 Date, Time and Purnima Tithi:

This year we will celebrate the festival, Raksha Bandhan, on the 15th of August 2019, in the whole nation, indeed.

Raksha Bandhan 2019 Puja Vidhi:

The Raksha Bandhan puja vidhi is a ritualistic tying of the thread, in the hands of brothers’ with this believes that all evils will stay away from her brother.

On the day of Shravan Purnima, everybody performs a full ritualistic bath, during pratahkal, earlier than sunrise and then all siblings get ready for the festival ceremony.

The ceremonial tying Rakhi is preferable done during Aparahan time and the ceremony includes, tying reached in the hands of brothers by chanting Raksha Mantra.

Raksha Bandhan is majorly observed by Hindus and some Jains, people which includes, thread ceremony between siblings and then gifts exchanged and celebration of the festival.

Raksha Bandhan Mantra in English

Yena baddho balee raajaa daanavendro mahaabalah;
Tena twaam anubadhnaami rakshey maa chala maa chala!

Raksha Bandhan Mantra in Sanskrit

रक्षाबन्धन मन्त्रः
येन बद्धो वली राजा दानवेन्द्रो महाबलः ।
तेन त्वा प्रतिबध्नामि रक्षे माचल माचल ॥

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