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How To Score More Than 90% In Your Board Examination

How To Score More Than 90% In Your Board’s Examination:-


Still I can remember when I scored 90% marks on my Board Exams I just received huge appreciation from my school, parents and teacher. It was a joyous and pleasure moment in my life and in my life.

Everybody were busy praising me and they just gave me a plenty of gifts, which includes, flowers, sweets, pen, copy, dress, bag and so on.

Achieving good marks in the Board Exam IS VERY CRUCIAL IN A STUDENTS’; LIFE WHICH ALSO DETERMINED their future and destiny. On the basis of their scored which they achieve in their 10th class they get job on their later life.

How To Score More Than 90% In Your Board’s Examination

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In this article I will be discuss very important subject, How To Score Above 90% which I think lots of students are keen to know How To Score Above 90%  on their Board Exam or even in their 11th or 12th exam.

Now I will be tell you some steps which will be help you to know that How To Score Above 90% in your Board Exam.

How To Score More Than 90%

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How To Score Above 90% in the Board Exam

1).leave the bed in the early morning

If you think and your brain wonders How To Score Above 90% in any exam then first you need to wake up in the early morning, like, around 5:00 AM. Means suppose, your school is at the 8:00 AM in the morning then just wake up in the 5:00 AM and then study up to 6:00 AM or 7:00 before going to the school.

2). Daily study religiously

The second most sorted and proved and worth way to achieve good marks in the exam is to stud religiously daily from Sunday to Saturday. If you wonder, How To Score Above 90% then never take break from your regular study.

3). Sometimes take break from the study and take leisure time

If you wonder another way and thinking of the How To Score Above 90% then sometimes take break from the regular study and have some leisure time, like, going picnic or watching movie or listening music As, “all the study, no game makes a Jack dull boy”.

4). Solve some sample question paper and the last year papers to get a clear understanding of the question paper style ands the pattern.

5). Also regularly and daily practice writing which is another answer of the major question, How To Score Above 90%, as at the examination hall you need to solve so many questions in just 2 hours, so if you’re writing speed is good then this can work in favor of you in the examination hall.

6). Summarized the text and its course which will be help you to understand the syllabus and help you to understand the course. This is another well proven way to score 90% marks on your examination.

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