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How To Prevent Ransomware Through Air-Gapped Backups

Data, the gold of the modern era. Today, we are producing more data than ever and that too at a rapid rate. Other than the data generation rate and speed, the sensitivity and accuracy of the data is also increasing every minute.

Therefore, it is needless to say that the need to take measures to guarantee data security and protection is now more than ever. It is important for companies to take small business IT services on board and build a strong forte against their data and sensitive resources.

Air gapped backup is an excellent way of protecting the data resources and preventing ransomware. It follows a layered and foolproof technique that is highly recommended by experienced service providers like AllSafe IT.

What is an Air Gapped Backup?

Data is always exposed to the risk of getting compromised and hacked. Therefore, it is integral for companies and businesses to seek IT Consulting and generate data backup.

An air gapped data backup is an excellent way for companies to be able to back up the data. It is one of the best recovery and backup strategies that involves creating a data backup that is kept offline and separate from the main data source.

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The data from the primary storage or source is copied, and the copy is stored not only separately from the primary source, but it is ensured that the copy is not connected to any network and is completely offline. This ensures that noome can access it or try to get a hold of your data resources by making use of illegitimate and unauthentic methods like ransomware.

IT support is in a huge favor of air gapped backups since the risk and chances of malicious ransomware attacks are eliminated entirely through the use of this technique. Since the data is completely isolated and offline, it creates an “air gap” which prevents the data from being compromised via online and cyber attack attempts.

Why Air Gapped Backups?

There are several other ways in which data can be protected and safeguarded. So why is the air gapped technique such a favourite amongst IT service providers? This is because of the following reasons:


Air gapped backups are a reliable way of backing up data. Since the backup is practically inaccessible, the chances of anyone being able to reach out to the data or corrupt it are almost null and zero. This means that when deploying this technique, one can be at a peace of mind that their sensitive data is safe and no one will be able to manipulate or misuse it.

Immediate Backup Source:

The backup data is the one that is kept offline. The main data source has to be connected to some network for ease of access. So the chances of the main data source being compromised still remain. Even in that case, the backup offline data source is guaranteed to remain untouched. Therefore, it can immediately be accessed and loaded on to the system with the assurance that it is true and authentic. You can be a hundred percent certain that any changes or manipulation of the main data has not made its way to the backup source and the backup is trustworthy and reliable.

Zero Risk Of Cyber Attacks:

In the modern era, what is the one main method that is used to compromise and hack into data resources? Cyber attacks! And how do cyber attacks work? They rely on some type of network or connection which is completely eliminated in case of an air gapped backup. So, the result? The backup cannot be subjected to cyber attacks or ransomware in any case. Which means that the backup data not only remains safe, but the company also does not have to worry about coming up with a strategy or a plan to further protect the data backup from cyber attacks or any such malicious attempts.

What are the challenges of Air Gapped Backups?

Air gapped backups have their own set of perks and benefits. But at the same time, it is important to mention that there is one major challenge associated with the use of this technique. The challenge of accessibility.

Since the data backup is kept completely offline, the only way for one to be able to access it is physically. This means that you will not have an easy access to the backup whenever needed. Moreover, the lack of any network also means that the data backup has to be generated and updated manually. You cannot have a network automate the process of data backup to ensure that you have the latest data resources in the backup directory. Rather, the process has to be done manually and the backup has to be updated accordingly.


There is no doubt about the fact that air gapped data backups are quite effective and efficient. They have been tried and tested thoroughly and so far, other than the manual backup and physical access, no other challenges have been associated with them. Therefore, it is worth saying that any company or business who is looking for a way to protect their data resources should surely give Air Gapped backup a shot.