Many philosophers thought over this question, and the greatest minds made up a multitude of formulas that were called upon to find a way to women’s happiness.

For men this question is not the easiest because today a girlfriend wants a phone, tomorrow – a trip to Tunisia, and a day later there will be a need for a hand crocodile. They want “hugs” all the time.

An Impossible Love That Was Destined to Remain Incomplete

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Desires are just as unpredictable as the girls themselves, and this feature looks rather cute than ridiculous. Perhaps you will be surprised, but in many ways, the desires of men and women coincide because everyone wants love, attention, pursue positive emotions.

But if you think that you can not do without instructions, then we have made a list for you that will answer all your questions.

Talk About Her

Women love with their ears. This is not only a winged phrase but also a true statement. A superfluous compliment is never in vain and noting that today it looks simply charming, you are guaranteed to raise her spirits for the rest of the day.

Girls Happy

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Still, on a date, the girlfriends are going to be much longer than we are, so you just have to evaluate her efforts. If you support her worldview, views, ambitions, then praise them – these are not the things that men often pay attention to.

Ask About Her Family

Yes, most likely, it’s not at all interesting to you, and you do not want to ask about it, but this question will be an indicator that you are not indifferent to her relatives and close people. As well, girls from highly appreciate when men talk about their families.

Be a Good Listener

Show your interest, listen to her and do not make fun of her. Look in the eyes, ask questions on the topic – your attention will mean a lot to her because everyone loves when people are not only listening to you but also hearing you.

Do Not be Afraid to Talk About Your Feelings

But it’s better to tell about them at the moment when you are in a relationship, otherwise, excessive frankness can turn you into a hostage to the friendzone. Do you like hearing when your girlfriend once again confesses her feelings?

Happy Girls

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Girls respond in exactly the same way, plus natural sentimentality at times increases this range of feelings. There is nothing wrong with saying once again how beautiful she is and how much you love her. You’re guaranteed to make her a little happier.

Share Her Interests

Do you like to tell others about your hobby or favorite TV series? And now think about how happy your girlfriend will be if you share her interests, and you will do what she loves so much together. Such a manifestation of attention will let her know that she is not dealing with an egoist.

Go to a Cinema and Watch a Movie She Likes

Your girl has repeatedly said that soon there will be a film, which she had waited for many years. Buy tickets and make a surprise on the day of the premiere. You will not spend a lot of money and a lot of time, but the attention given will be invaluable.

Do Pleasant Little Things

A note with a confession that she will find in her bag when she arrives at work; a bouquet of flowers that she will find when she returns home; A little surprise that will cheer up. Of these trifles, relationships are also made. Men traditionally neglect their meaning.

How to Flirt with a Girl: Flirting Techniques

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Some people think that the girl is not able to appreciate the gift cheaper than the new iPhone. Someone is afraid to appear petty in the eyes of his chosen one. Both options have nothing to do with reality.

Do Some Things Without Asking

If she had a difficult day, put a bottle of wine on the table. Believe me, she will not refuse to drink it. Do you see that your girlfriend feels bad?

Girl Happy

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Do the housework this day. Your girlfriend will appreciate this gesture and in the future will try to please you even more.

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