Research was done by EnMast, the cost of managing stress among companies is almost $300 billion due to lost income arising from employees absenteeism, job hopping, and reduced productivity. It also shows that work-related stress affects up to 83 % of American workers. Moreover, 40 % of those workers affected by stress say that their productivity levels are low because of the stress they face along their lines of duty.

What can we make of these figures? The sad fact is that stress is taking a deadly toll on workers in the US and across the world. But what can employers do about it? If you intend to join the employment world as an employer or an HR manager, then this post is for you. As it progresses, we shall share out practical ways of creating an enabling environment that is free from stress to allow your workers and colleagues to work productively.

H1: Practical Ways of Creating a Stress-free Workplace

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Enhance Communication

Top of our list of strategies is this forgotten, and yet, powerful tool—communication. With enhanced communication, you will create an environment that is devoid of confusion, a leading cause of stress in the workplace. With clarity in place, things will run with certainty because your workers will know what is expected of them and have had no worry of suffering the repercussions of crossing the line. Effective communication should help your workers to understand and fulfill their:

  • Roles and the purpose behind them
  • Personal goals
  • Personal objectives
  • Performance in relation to their goals


To have a working environment free from stress, you have to recognize the worker. You ought to put measures in place to honor and celebrate employees who perform beyond their expectations. This creates a sense of appreciation that allows them to work without worry and stress.

Enhance Work-life Balance

If you don’t want to kill your employees with stress, it is necessary to create a balanced system that ensures their official duties do not spill into their personal lives. It is necessary to allow for a balance between their personal and career lives because if one encroaches on the other, both will suffer. The reason is that when your workers’ career spills into their family lives, it is just a matter of time all the gains you thought the company had made will evaporate. For instance, if your workers are working without rest to enjoy their personal lives, they will burn out and undo everything they had done initially. Therefore, allow employees to have time for themselves, their families, and friends. This way, they will not fall prey to stress.

Enhance Staff Compensation

Since you are not dealing with volunteers, you need to understand that poorly paid workers are vulnerable to stress. The reason is that not even you can enjoy working for someone who does not want to appreciate your services according to their ability. By failing to compensate them adequately, you give your workers many reasons to be stressed because they feel used as tools for enriching a selfish taskmaster.

Maintain a Clean and Organized Environment

To prevent your staff from falling victim to stress, you should maintain a clean and organized environment for your workers to operate in. The reason is that if they work in a cluttered atmosphere, they will face difficulties focusing on their assignments. When this happens, the disorganized environment stifles their creativity and they feel helpless to do anything productive.

Bring in More Green Life

To create a stress-free atmosphere, it is needful to embellish and enrich it with green life—plants. This way, you will allow your workers to operate in a conducive environment that supports positive feelings and lower blood pressure, and hence, reduce stress.

Improve Relationships

Lastly, improve the way people relate to the organization—vertically and horizontally. When the relational fiber of the workplace is harmonious and robust, you reduce the chances of stress since relational tension stresses people in all settings—personal and corporate.

With these tips at your fingertips, we hope you will do the best to create a stress-free working atmosphere for your workers. If you need more of our services such as essay samples online, our experts are waiting for your call today.

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