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Home Improvement:- How to Clean Kitchen? Steps By Steps, Elaborate Study & Way

How To Clean Kitchen

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Home Improvement:- How to Clean Kitchen? Steps By Steps, Elaborate Study & Way:-

Cooking is the most important aspect; part and work of lives as it is the food and the meal which helps us to live a healthy, disease free, energetic life.

Just remember and think for a while, if we will not eat food then, is we will able to do anything? Not really, it is impossible for any living creature to go without food and we all mostly prepares food in the kitchen, as buying or ordering food and meal from the hotel is too expensive sometimes, though, it suits occasionally, but mostly globally, we all prepare our daily, food, lunch, dinner, breakfast in our own home!

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And today in this article we will discuss the very crucial point that, How To Clean Kitchen? As cleaning kitchen is very important because the kitchen is the place or room where we cook food which is most sacred thing ever any human being can do and in the dirty kitchen cooking doesn’t happen so How To Clean Kitchen very important question which is a wonder in our mind.

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We all want clean kitchen but sadly, we don’t know, most of the people in these contemporary times, don’t know How To Clean Kitchen, and it is also kind of question which generally revolves in our mind, that, How To Clean Kitchen and in this article I will solve your all and some queries’ regarding the question, How To Clean Kitchen.

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How to Clean Kitchen? Steps By Steps, Elaborate Study & Way

1). The first clean self of the kitchen, if you have a rack there, as it is a very important part of the research called, How To Clean Kitchen.

Make sure that, there will no dirt remain in the rack of the kitchen, keep all kinds of stuff of the kitchen, in right place, right order and set them and keep them properly.

It wills proper, if you apply to paper, over the rack of the kitchen, so that the self of your kitchen will look good and attractive, which is an important and very first procedure to know, How To Clean Kitchen.

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2). Make sure to clean the slab of the kitchen, which is another very important part of the How To Clean Kitchen. And some easy way to clean the slap is, once in a day, make sure to wash the slab of your kitchen with either detergent powder or the detergent liquid and then you need to wipe the slab of your kitchen with some water or with a wet cloth.

This is well proven and scientifically, way to know, How To Clean Kitchen, or to clean the kitchen simply, and after you will wipe the slab of the kitchen with a wet cloth, let it dry for awhile, so that your wet slab will be dry and it will be total clean finally.

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3). While you shall busy with the cleaning of the kitchen, I will suggest you listen some light or your fav music, either in iPod, or in your mobile phone in earphone or headphone, or you can even play music in speaker in either radio, DVD player or any musical instrument.

By playing music, if you clean the kitchen, it will become easy and entertaining, rather than being boring and hectic. I often applied this to me when I clean the kitchen and when I’m here writing about How To Clean Kitchen so that you guys can know easy techniques’ and way of the question, #HowToCleanKitchen, I shared this easy secret of music which is mine to all of you.

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4). Make sure to sweep the floor of the kitchen, which is another and one of the important aspect of the question, How To Clean Kitchen, as if the floor of the kitchen will clean then it will in one hand going to looks good and in another hand, it will be also germs free, which is one of the reasons to keep your kitchen clean and one of the reasons to know, How To Clean Kitchen.

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5). Make sure to wipe the kitchen floor after a sweep with some water and wet cloth. This is the very old and well-proven style to clean the kitchen and it is also one of the old techniques, which is being part of the question, #HowToCleanKitchen?

It shall be better if you apply some cleansing, liquid to the water, which you will use to wipe the floor, which will work as the glitters in gold.

If you wipe the floor, after sweeping the same, it will look good, eye catchy, attractive and germs free.

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6). Once or twice, in a week, you can also wash the floor of the kitchen with some water and with the help of broom, so that all dirt particles, which are present in the floor of the kitchen will wipe out and removes.

This is another age-old Indian technique and style to know, #HowToCleanKitchen, which is I think work in the west also. After washing floor of the kitchen, it wills fine idea to on fan if you have in the kitchen or you can also carry your table fan and on it thereby keeping it on a table so that your kitchen will get dry soon.

Make sure to do not keep the fan over water or in watery area in the kitchen otherwise, you may get electric shock which is not good and risky, so always keep the table fan, over a dry table in the kitchen area, if you wish to make the kitchen dry soon, otherwise, you can also make the kitchen dry by opening window of the kitchen.

From window, the sunlight and air will come which will going to help your kitchen to get dry.  This is another good technique which you can apply in the concept or question called, How To Clean Kitchen?

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7). After you will be done with the cleaning of the kitchen, #HowToCleanKitchen, you can burn some incest sticks in the kitchen, make sure you should not cook in that time, as I think burning of the incest sticks and cooking food in gas at the same time is a bad idea.

So it shall be a good idea, when you will not cook the food, you can burn to incest sticks, so that good fragrances’ will spread in the kitchen and it will also remain fresh and clean.

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