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How To Become A Successful Singer In India In Five Key Steps?

Starting a career in singing in India is not easy. Still, if you wish to become a singer; then you have to make the right moves without losing your focus and concentration.

As a first step, you can start your own YouTube channel and start posting your songs. However, if you won’t get sufficient views or subscribers as a new singer, then you must try some other alternatives.

Unless you are an A-list singer, getting popularity on YouTube is quite tough. You need to look beyond social media platforms and YouTube. A few likes and followers on social networking sites may not take you anywhere.

To accomplish your dream, you must reach out to the maximum number of listeners and people. You need a much bigger platform than social media to realize your dream and establish your credibility as a singer.

5) Contact Music Label Company

As a newbie, you can’t wait for a music label company to approach you. Instead, you should directly contact them and request a collaboration. If they agree, then you can launch your album, singles, or music video in association with them.

4) Feature Your Songs on FM Channels

FM channels have a good reach. However, it’s very unlikely that they will play a song by a new artist. They usually go with well-known artists or Bollywood singers—who are already popular. As a fresh singer, the chance of getting your song featured in their countdown show or playlist is very grim. Sorry!

3) Work as Radio Jockey (RJ)

Radio Jockey or RJ is completely different from Singing. As an RJ, your duty is not only to play songs but also to keep interacting with the audience on various matters, including current affairs and other issues. Your priority will be to keep the listeners informed and entertained.

You can’t play your songs on a private FM channel unless you have written permission to do so by your immediate supervisor. Moreover, as an RJ, you won’t get even much time to practice and hone your talents.

2) How to Become a Singer?

Every new singer faces this dilemma. They don’t know how to proceed further. Many questions come to mind; Where will I sing? How can I get my audience? How can I promote my songs? And many more!

Retail radio gives a larger than life platform with an unimaginable captive audience in thousands of retail stores across several cities. It is the best platform to launch and promote your songs while directly reaching out to interested listeners and music enthusiasts.

In-store music companies have been inspiring young singers and artists quite innovatively for the last several years. Indoor music has completely revolutionised the mode of music promotions. Today, the audience doesn’t have time to search for a new artist’s name online. Instead, they are more likely to remember an artist or his/ her song while chilling out with friends at a shopping mall or retail showroom.

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So, every artist needs to make sure that they are promoting their art to a wider audience intelligently and creatively rather than exerting a lot of effort on social media and other platforms that don’t yield desired results.

1) How to Submit Your Song/ Audio File?

  • Submit your best quality songs to them in AAC, WAC, or MP3 format.
  •  Choose a dropbox link or email to submit your song in the prescribed format.
  •  Give the title of the song, artist’s name, the name of the musician, and composer (if any).
  • If you haven’t recorded your song as yet, then please don’t hesitate and feel free to contact them now.

The Conclusion

Many singers become public figures in no time. However, the initial days are tough for everyone. It’s the hard work that eventually fructifies. Along with practice, dedication, and hard work, you also need to stay alive in the listeners’ minds.

Promote your songs regularly through retail radios to constantly resonate with your followers and well-wishers. If you sing and promote your songs regularly, then it will help you get a lot of new fans and crazy music lovers. It will help you become famous and more popular.

Soon, you will be flooded with various opportunities. You will get opportunities to sing at various concerts, music videos, or films. This will pave your way to earn handsome payments.