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How Much Should You Spend on a Loft Conversion in the UK?

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Britons should expect to spend between £30,000 and £60,000 on average for a loft conversion. The actual amount may be more or less, depending on your preferred style, materials and the cost of professional labour.

Most loft conversion plans should include plans to buy a sofa. UK homeowners can turn it into an extra livable space instead of considering a home extension, which is more expensive. If you want to turn it into a bedroom, a sofa bed can be a cheaper alternative. Determine the financial aspects of a loft conversion before you pick out furniture. The design phase will be much easier once you know if your budget is sufficient.

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The Common Types of Conversions

The most affordable loft conversion type usually costs £15,000, around £1,150 per square metre. Also known as the room-in-the-roof conversion, an average budget may cover insulation, staircase, electric, lighting and floor reinforcements. You can add an extra £5,000 to build a dormer loft if you feel like you’ll overspend on a project.

Dormer lofts cost at least £20,000 for a basic conversion. You could spend from £35,000 to £40,000 when you include an en suite. A typical design involves a standard sloping roof with dormer windows. If you have a terraced home, a mansard conversion can be a good choice too for the same price range. However, some projects can cost upwards of £60,000 if there are significant changes needed, such as modifications to the roof’s shape.

Permit and Planning

You will probably not need a permit for loft conversions unless the design you’re interested in requires extensive work done to the house. For instance, a permit is necessary for a planned mansard conversion with a reshaped roof. Ask your local council if you need prior approval, or you can pay around £90 for a certificate of lawfulness for minor conversions.

If you hire a contractor, they may charge £170 for planning permission fees. Homeowners should also expect to pay around £500 for building control fees, which prove the legitimacy of contracted work and its compliance with regulations.

Design Fees

Homeowners who enlist an architect for design work should prepare to spend up to £4,000 for planning drawings while hiring a structural engineer for roof inspections will likely cost at least £500. Some design-build companies already include these fees in their quotes.

Small contractors may charge quotes that are up to 15 percent less than large home builders. However, don’t choose a company just because they offer affordable service. You should consult at least three different companies when trying to compare rates.

While the figures above intend to give an idea about loft conversion rates, the actual cost will depend on where you live in the country. Homeowners in the city, particularly in London,should expect to pay moreon their loft conversion plans. The higher cost of living in the city also means that professionals will charge more expensive fees.There are many options for you if you own a loft in the UK; you only need to make sure you have all the permits and licenses, and you’re on your way.

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