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How To Be Practical & Rational

The term, Practical, means rational thinking, rational opinion and opposite of the word, irrational, so the word, Practical, is something which is a premise, in fact, very important premise of the human life and when an individual is turn to be Practical, then they became more mature, irrespective of their sex and gender.

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When an individual, whether he or she is want to be #Practical, or they are thinking to be #Practical, or keen to be #Practical, in that time, they need to think what is the differences we are having between #Practical and Rational or impractical or the irrational.

Like, sometimes, whatever we see, it is not necessary or required that that will truth, may be it can our illusion or even this is myth or false notion.

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Sometimes, something happen with our life, this can be different from the view point of ours too. Or whatever, outcome of some effort is come out that is not impressing for us or that is not good for us, or we doesn’t find them worthy, it is quite possible to happen with human life.

So we can say, the term, #Practical, has nothing, to do with the process of our thinking, or own opinion, it is something which is real and the reality.

How To Be Practical & Rational

Suppose, you give some lemon juice on milk then the milk will fragmented but it will not became Paneer.

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So #Practical thing is this that when the milk get fragmented, it doesn’t became Paneer, instead the milk get wastage, as there are some different process to prepares Paneer indeed.

Another example, is Suppose, someone, is not looking good or he or she is not good looking, then we can asked to them as their family members or friends that he or she is not ugly, rather, they are beautiful, but if you think with your Practical point of the view, then he or she is not as beautiful as that, but let me tell you that, beauty is not something real or worthy, rather nature and the character is important anyway.

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