Wearing right clothes and carrying appropriate accessories for travel holidays including honeymoon trips are of utmost importance. 

Many are confused whether to go with casual & oversized clothes or to drape tight-fitting attire for this purpose. 

But neither of them works well unless you strike a perfect balance between these two.

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Your Watch, Wardrobe, and Waistbelt are 3 Ws without which you can’t imagine to flaunt your fashion statement astutely in far-off locations especially when you are on your romantic escapades like honeymoon.

You need to ensure that you have a right combination of accessories inside your travel bag whenever and wherever you go for a romantic voyage.

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Top 8 Honeymoon Travel Accessories You Mustn’t Ignore

Necklace: Believe it or not, but a ‘Honeymoon Costume’ must be complemented with a proper necklace having an attractive heart-shaped pendant attached to it. 

Though most women tend to keep stylish little necklace over their wardrobe, however, oversized ones look more eccentric and crazy during romantic weekends and vacations.

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Wrist Watch: A wrist watch won’t just let you know the time, but it also looks rocking in your hand. A golden or gold plated slightly big wrist watch is perfect to enhance your oomph factor when you are on a honeymoon trip. 

If you are putting on a wristband, then please choose a small-sized wristwatch.

Handbag or Clutch: You can keep all-important things inside your handbag and flaunt the same reflecting your fashionable persona at honeymoon destinations.

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Goggles: Some believe that goggles and eye-glasses are for fashion only without realizing the fact that as one travels to a new destination having a different climate, it takes time to get acclimatized. 

Ultraviolet rays (UV) could affect eyes at open places like hills and beaches, so UV-protected Goggles are a must for travel holidays to prevent your eyes from getting harmed.

Waist Belt: Always wear a waist belt over your denim or skirt. It looks rocking and safe too. It’s quite comfy and helps women walk, dive or run confidently.

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Right Outfits: It is the hardest job to determine which outfit workswell for you at far-off locations.

Breaking all stereotypes., you should choose an outfit that you never tried before. It will help you spend those amazing cozy moments with your soulmate at a romantic location in a more affectionate manner.

Summer Layering: A light jacket over your sexy dresses such as oversized T-shirts or even the crop tops makes you look more lovable and fashionable. It makes your flight or sea journey perfect and cozy.

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Right Sneakers: Take ample time to choose the appropriate footwear. A Pair of Kolhapuri sandals and Leather boot shoes is ideal for honeymoon travels during summer and winter respectively.

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Don’t Spoil Your Make-up Just Before Honeymoon

Don’t spoil your mood by using inferior cosmetics or heavy makeups. Simply choose a light make-up over your eyes when you are putting on stylish goggles or spectacles.

Heavy makeup makes eyes look tired and sweaty. A slight makeup with eyeliner and Kohl is okay. Similarly, proper pedicure, manicure and nail polish are necessary. It revives the glam doll inside you transforming you into a sexy diva.

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Always remember that you are the most beautiful girl in the world, so go on and conquer the world with a cute little smile – keep it forever on your lips. Honeymoon travel is all about unleashing yourself. Give it a try!

(By: Atish Home Chowdhury)

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